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  • July 04, 2020
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The world of medicine isn’t limited to modern one. There are many forms of alternative medications that have proven to be just as effective, if not more as the allopathic one. While the western world has several restrictions which haven’t promoted alternative medicines, it’s the reverse case with India.

We have the AYUSH ministry, which covers every spectrum of alternative healthcare namely: Ayurvedic, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathic. Administered in the same way as the Drug license, the AYUSH license is bestowed upon the providers of alternative medications on the basis of certain stringent criteria.

In this article, we are going to dig superficially into the process, the documents required and the criteria to get the AYUSH license.

Types of AYUSH License in India:

There are three types of AYUSH license in India:

  1. Ayurvedic License registration: License given to manufacturers, retailers, and distributors of Ayurvedic Medicine.
  2. Unani License registration: License given to manufacturers, retailers and distributors of Unani medicine.
  3. Sidha License registration: License given to Yoga trainers and other service providers that focus on the exercise aspect of the alternative/holistic medication.

What are the documents required to get AYUSH license?

In order to get the AYUSH license on time, you have to go through its process without any hiccups. Therefore, read the following section carefully and collect and organize the documents accordingly. On that note, here are the AYUSH license requirements:

  1. ID proof of the directors of the company: Before you start the procedure to get the AYUSH license, you should establish a business entity. Once registered, Xerox the ID proofs of the directors/partners depending upon the type of business entity you have.
  2. Photo IDs: passport sized photographs are required to be attached to the application.
  3. Application form of the prescribed format: Go to the AYUSH ministry website and down the requisite form. Take multiple printouts.
  4. Covering letter:  A covering letter that specifies your intent of starting the business. It has to specify everything about your business including the size of the premises, the manufacturing plant photographs and other important details.
  5. Site plan: The architectural diagram of the site from where you plan to start your Ayurvedic, Unani, Yoga, Siddha or Homeopathic centre.
  6. Requisite Challan fee: There is no AYUSH registration online process. Thus, you need to get the demand draft stating the required fee of the license.
  7. Declaration form in the format prescribed: Every detail you enter in the application should be true and you have to assert on it by signing a declaration form.
  8. Ownership proof of the premises: Either a rent agreement or the registry of the place where you are manufacturing/retailing/distributing/training should be provided.
  9. Proof of Constitution of business: Certificate of incorporation, memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, partnership deed.
  10. Affidavit of non conviction: Affidavit that declares that you, the applicant and any of your partners have not been convicted in the court of law of any wrong doing.
  11. Appointment letter by a registered pharmacist: To prove that you are actually the real deal, you have to get an appointment letter from a registered pharmacist with whom you have dealings with.

Note: There is no exclusive online AYUSH registration process yet. However, recent developments suggest that this feature might be available in the near future.

Procedure for Obtaining the AYUSH license

Once you have accumulated the documents required, have signed them properly and have checked and rechecked the documents, you are ready to follow the procedure:

  1. If applicable, apply for GMP and CoPP: GMP refers to Great Manufacturing Practice; it’s a certification to show that your manufacturing practices are in line with the international standards. CoPP refers to Certificate of pharmaceutical products. A mandatory certification, it certifies that the seller is legally allowed to sell self-produced pharmaceutical products in the same country.
  2. Attach the application with the documents: After self-attesting, and certifying the application, do the same with the documents and combine them together.
  3. Submit the application: Submit the application in your state’s branch of AYUSH ministry.

Once the application is submitted, it starts a lengthy process of assessment. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AYUSH ministry is not more inclined to granting you the license within 2 months.


It’s time that the AYURVEDA had its due. Through AYUSH ministry you can start your own business in AYUSH medication and other practices while providing a world a more spiritual look towards healthcare.

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