Compliance Checklist for ISP-licensed Company in India

  • March 18, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Every Telecom Business wanting to set up a facility for Internet Service provisions in its decided geography must apply for the relevant Internet Service Provider or the ISP License. Such Businesses can apply for ISP licenses with the Department of Telecommunications, the federal Telecom License issuing Authority in India. 

Here, we talked about the relevant ISP registration licenses. It is because ISP certifications in India come under different categories. If a Business wants to provide Internet Services to the entire geography of a Nation, then it must apply for a Category A ISP license. To provide ISP services across a State or a Province, the Business must procure a Category B ISP license. For district-level internet service provision, apply for a Category C ISP license.

After granting the ISP Registration of your choice, the ISP-licensed Company must timely file the requisite annual Compliance with the DoT. Such compliance filing ascertains the Authority of the proper functioning of the licensed Company within the realms of the telecommunications regulations. Let us explore some vital compliance that every ISP Licensee must file to preserve their ISP certification in the long run.


DoT Compliance for Internet Service Provider licensed Company

Compliance filing is crucial for any ISP-licensed Company providing internet services in the market. The ISPs must comply with these Telecommunication Regulations, which otherwise can lead to legal as well as financial consequences. It can also have a detrimental effect on the Company’s reputation. Let us see some of these compliance requirements in detail.

Registration Requirements of the ISPs

Every license applicant must obtain the requisite license from the DoT. The requirements for ISP license registration include the following:

  • ISP Application Process
  • Payment of ISP Licensing Fee 
  • Complying with the Technical & Operational standards

Compliance with the Network Security Standards

Every ISP must employ the requisite security standards for their networks to protect their customers' data privacy. Some of these appropriate Security Measures are:

  • Firewalls
  • Encryption Methods
  • Network Access Controls

Data Retention Methodology

Every ISP-registered Company must comply with Data Retention regulations. ISPs are required to retain certain customer data for a specified period. The data retained by the ISP can include any or all of the following details:

  • Customer Name 
  • Customer’s Address and Contact Details
  • IP Addresses
  • Data-Usage Logs

Content Filtering

Every ISP- certified Company must filter certain content of malicious means, like illegal or harmful information. Such denigration of information must be in accordance with Local Laws and Regulations.

Service Quality Maintenance

Every ISP- certified Company must maintain or render Quality Service to their customers. Such services include the following:

  • Minimum-promised Internet Speed
  • Network Uptime Guarantees
  • 24*7 Customer Support

DoT Regulations for Consumer Protection

Every registered ISP is directed to comply with the DoT regulations for Consumer Protection. The ISP must provide accurate pricing information as well as offer transparent T&Cs of the ISPs to the customers. They can also aid in dispute resolution procedures.

Regulating Reporting Requirements to the DoT

Every certified ISP must submit regular reports to the DoT on the following:

  • Network Performance
  • Customer Complaints Redressal procedure
  • Regulatory Requirements Compliance


Why must you seek aid in filing your ISP Legal Compliance with DoT?

Keeping up with Compliance per DoT ISP regulations can be complex for businesses. It is an ongoing effort on the part of the Businesses, and sometimes they miss it. Therefore, registered ISPs must subscribe to any of the ISP Compliance services of a reputed Legal Firm. You are in luck, as Registrationwala provides similar services. Our DoT experts work closely with Legal and Compliance teams to ensure meeting the stipulated regulatory requirements for the ISP businesses. So, if it suits you, ring us at our contact number, and we will revert to you in no time.

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