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Packing License Process

Step 1
Application filing
Step 2
Application Assessment
Step 3
Grant of Packer License

Packing License Registration Certificate

As per the laws of Legal Metrology, a packer or manufacturer who also sells or distributes pre-packaged commodities have to apply for the packing license registration of packaged commodity as per Rule 27 of the Legal Metrology rules of 2011. The registration is called Packaged Commodity registration.

The manufacturer or packer has to apply for packaged commodity registration or packing license registration within 90 days of starting the pre-packaging of the product. To get the License for Packing in India, interested Businesses must apply for the Packing license registration with the Department of Legal Metrology.

The registration procedure for the Packer License in India is clearly defined in the Legal Metrology Act of 2009. After mulling through the legal procedure for the requisite license acquisition, the Department of Legal Metrology offers Manufacturing Certificate to the Business.

What is a pre-packed commodity?

According to the law, Pre Packed Commodity is defined as a commodity placed in any packing without a purchaser's presence. The package can be sealed or unsealed so that the product inside the package has a pre-determined quantity.

The Government has regulated the packaging of significant pre-packaged commodities in the country through its pre-packaging regulations. These pre-packaging regulations are clearly defined in the Legal Metrology Act as well as the issued Legal Metrology Packaging Commodities Rules.

Every product must contain a decided description on its packing label or container. It can be printed or engraved if the container is metal. Such declarations are absolute. In the context of some food items, such as pulses, rice, wheat, and flour, the supply of these pre-packaged food commodities falls under the purview of the Legal Metrology Act of 2009.


Declarations mandatory for Packaged Commodity registration

Declarations mandatory for Packaged Commodity registration

The declaration the manufacturer/packer certification has to make are the following:

  • MRP of the product
  • Month of manufacturing
  • Year of manufacturing
  • name of the manufacturer
  • The contact number of the customer care
  • Email ID

Eligibility Criteria for Packing License Registration in India

Eligibility Criteria for Packing License in India

  • To obtain the manufacturing license certificate, you must adhere to all the rules specified in the LMPC requirement.
  • Every manufacturer or packer of weight or measure must maintain records and registers as prescribed by the LMPC certificate authority.
  • The records and registers maintained must be produced at the inspection time to the persons authorized for the said purpose.
  • Prohibition on Quotation
  • No person can, in relation to any goods, things, or service:
    1. Quote, or make an announcement of any price or charge
    2. Issue or exhibit any price list, invoice, or cash memo
    3. Prepare or publish any advertisement or poster
    4. Indicate the net quantity of a pre-packaged commodity
    5. Express in relation to any transaction or protection, quantity or dimension, otherwise than in accordance with the standard unit of weight, measure, or enumeration
  • The provisions must not be applicable for the export of any goods, things, or service

Documents Required for Packing License Registration in India

Documents Required for Manufacturing Certificate in India

The following are the documents required for manufacturer registration in India:

  • Incorporation certificate
  • Memorandum of Association MoA
  • Articles of Association AoA
  • ID proof of the applicant
  • Address proof of the manufacturing facility
  • Details to be posted in the display pane
  • DD of the manufacturer license fee.

Packing License Registration Process in India

The process of obtaining Legal Metrology Packer and Manufacturing license registration in India is as follows:

Step 1: Choose Weight and Measures Options

Visit an official website of Department of Consumer affairs and choose Weights Measures option to fill the application form. Every license application must be in the prescribed form along with the supporting documents / papers etc., required for the particular license i.e. manufacturer, repairer or sale of Weights and Measures.

Step 2: Review the Application 

After filling all the details the zonal officer will review the application. If any issue found, it will convey to the applicant. The application for licenses will be examined by the Legal Metrology Officers as mentioned below.

  1. Manufacturer - LMO Grade-II or III.
  2. Repairer - LMO Grade-II or III.
  3. Dealer - LMO Grade-II or III.

Step 3: Inspection by an Inspector 

Next, the inspection of the premises will be done by a inspector. As per the premises inspection and submit the report and on on the bais of the report the acceptance or rejection of the application will depend.

Step 4: Obtain a License 

Once all the details and submitted documents checked by the authority, the packer license will be grant to the applicant.

Note: No incomplete application shall be sent to Headquarter by Grade-I LMO. Incomplete application shall not be entertained by zones / HQ and such applications shall be deemed to have been filed by the applicant without the knowledge of the Department.

Penalty for the manufacture of non-standard weight or measure

Every person liable to pay the penalty who manufactures or packages any weight or measure which,

(a) Does not conform to the standards of weight or measure specified under the LMPC Act

(b) Which bears an inscription of weight, measure, or number that does not conform to the standards of weight, measure, or numeration specified under the Act.

The violator will be punished with a fine which may extend to twenty thousand rupees and for the second or subsequent offense with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with a fine or both.

Penalty for the manufacture of weight and measure without a license

If someone manufactures, under the LMPC certification Act, measurement units without being in possession of a valid license, will be punished with a fine which may extend to twenty thousand rupees and for the second or subsequent offense, with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.

Our Assistance to get the Packing license in India

For Packing and Manufacturing certificates for pre-packaged commodities, Registrationwala provides end to end Manufacturer certificate services that include:

  • Application filing
  • Document preparation
  • Department follow up
  • Error handling

Reach out to us for your pre-packaged commodity registration needs today.


Q.1 Do I require licenses from both FSSAI and the Department of Legal Metrology for a food packaging business?

Yes, both licenses are required. Obtaining a license from FSSAI is important for every food business to ensure the quality of food items. Similarly, having a license of Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity (LMPC) from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is needed if you want to sell or distribute food packaged items. 

Q.2 Is a packer license necessary for repackaging and relabeling purposes?

Yes, a Packer license is required for repackaging and relabeling purposes because it ensures that all compliance and qualities related to food safety regulations and quality standards during the repackaging process are followed. It is necessary to obtain a license to operate legally and maintain the safety and integrity of food products.

Q.3 Can I track my Packer license application?

Visit the legal metrology website ( and look for the "Track Your Application" section. Then, enter your Application ID in the tracking form and the status of your application will appear on the screen.

Q.4 How do I receive my packer license?

Once the Assistant Controller of the Legal Metrology Department verifies your application, you receive an SMS on your registered mobile number with a link to download the digitally signed certificate from the e-District portal by using your application number and download the certificate from the portal online.

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