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Are you a packer, manufacturer who distributes or sells pre packed commodities? Get packer/manufacturer registration from Legal metrology Department. Consult with Registrationwala to expedite the process.WPCManufacturer

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Manufacturing License Process

Step 1
Application filing
Step 2
Application Assessment
Step 3
Grant of Manufacturer License

Packaged commodity Registration or manufacturer registration in India

What is Manufacturer License or packages commodity registration?

As per the laws of Legal Metrology, a packer or manufacturer who also sells or distributed pre packaged commodities, have to apply for the registration of packaged commodity as per Rule 27 of the Legal Metrology rules of 2011.

The registration is called Packaged commodity Registration.

The manufacturer or packer has to apply for packaged commodity registration within 90 days of starting the pre-packaging of the product.

What is Pre packed commodity?

According to the law, the term Pre Packed Commodity is defined as a commodity that is placed in any kind of package without the presence of a purchaser. It package can be sealed or unsealed in a way that the product inside the package has a pre-determined quantity.

Declaration mandatory for Packaged commodity Registration?

The declaration the packer/manufacturer has to make are the following:

1.    MRP of the product

2.    Month of manufacturing

3.    Year of manufacturing

4.    name of the manufacturer

5.    Contact number of the customer care

6.    Email ID

Eligibility Criteria for Manufacturer License in India

To obtain the manufacturer license, you must adhere to all the rules specified in the LMPC requirement.

Documents Required for Manufacturer License in India

Following are the documents required for manufacturer registration in India:

·         Incorporation certificate

·         MOA

·         AOA

·         ID proof of the applicant

·         Address proof of the manufacturing facility

·         Details to be posted in the display pane

·         DD of the manufacturer license fee.

Process of obtaining the Manufacturer License in India

The process of obtaining manufacturer registration in India is as follows:

·         Fill the application form

·         Submit the required documents along with it to the LMPC department

·         Wait for assessment

·         Obtain the license

Our Assistance to get the Manufacturer License in India

For packer and manufacturer registration for pre packaged commodities, Registrationwala provides end to end Manufacturer certificate services that include:

1.    Application filing

2.    Document preparation

3.    Department follow up

4.    Error handling

Reach out to us for your pre packaged commodity registration needs today.

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