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If you wish to impart authenticity to our agricultural produce in market by marking it with a quality assurance logo such as an AGMARK logo, then you must apply for the requisite registration procedure with the Authority at Registrationwala. Why Registrationwala? Because we have the needed seasoned AGMARK experts at our disposal that can get you the required AGMARK symbol for your agri-based product(s).

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AGMARK Registration in India

AGMARK Symbol or Logo is a product branding procedure under which the majority of agricultural products and their derivative products are authenticated as quality-marked products. So, AGMARK registration gives authority to the business as it always focuses on the quality of the product.

The AGMARK certification gives complete assurance to the consumers about every agri-product. Basically, the Indian Government certified AGMARK as a quality assurance symbol for all agricultural products ensuring their standard. Below are complete AGMARK information and its certification procedure in the following sections.

What is AGMARK?

The full form of AGMARK is Agricultural Mark which acts as a quality benchmark to ensure the authenticity of agri-based products. It satisfies the standards which are set under the Agricultural Produce Act, of 1937. 

These rules are related to the procedure for grading, marking, and packing agricultural products. Mainly you found the symbol on the packets of cereals, rice, flour, pulses, biscuits, vegetable oil, agricultural semi-processed goods, etc.

However, per FSSAI official website, AGMARK registration covers 222 types of agricultural items. And the certification is voluntary but the authority can make it compulsory.


AGMARK is a voluntary Certification

The AGMARK certification is voluntary, but the Authority can make it compulsory as per the Food Safety and Standards Prohibition and Restriction on Sales regulations of 2011.

Objective of AGMARK Certification

The Central Government grants the AGMARK license as per its objectives of quality branding of various agricultural as well as horticultural items. The product list can also include food & beverages produced entirely or partly. They can also be partially manufactured. The Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, or the DMI, lays down the requisite agricultural products standards implemented at the State as well as Central levels.

Benefits of AGMARK

The AGMARK has many benefits and all of them are as follows:

  • AGMARK certification adds a significant legal benefit to agricultural produce.
  • Provide assurance to the consumers about the organic integrity and quality of the product.
  • Help businesses to compete in the international markets with authorized products.
  • Government grants subsidies to agricultural produce that has completed the Agmark registration process. The farmers are taking benefit from it.
  • Also, farmers get benefits from the state offering more subsidies for products of AGMARK.
  • Marketing of the products interstate and internationally will get a boost.
  • Pricing will remain stable and intermediaries can’t change the prices.
  • Reduce transaction risk for both the producer and seller.

Need for AGMARK registration in India

The primary sector of India is agriculture, where the majority of the populace is employed. Also, the Business generated from the agri-sector plays a vital role in the Indian economy. As one of the largest exporters of agricultural products, India has made the AGMARK certification a necessity. This necessity assures the general masses of the authenticity and quality of agri-based AGMARK products.

For our Exporters to compete in the international markets, we must fix the grading standards per the World Trade Organization directives. Here, the AGMARK-certified products bearing the symbol conform to the high standards laid down by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection DMI.

If the exporter of the producer contravenes any such directives, then he or she must replace the graded products.

Eligibility Criteria for AGMARK registration in India

To apply for an online AGMARK registration process in India, the following eligibility criteria must be observed by the applicant:

  • The AGMARK registration applicant must be any one of the following:

AGMARK applicant 

    • Indian citizen
    • Registered Company
  • The AGMARK certification applicant must have the following for communication purposes:
    • Valid Email ID
    • Mobile Number
  • The AGMARK-certified products applicant must have a valid PAN or a TAN card
  • The applicant should have a registered office or business premises.
  • The AGMARK license applicant must have an equipped laboratory. The lab must contain the necessary facilities as well as equipment for product testing and analysis purposes.
  • The AGMARK food product applicant must employ a Quality Control System to ensure its products' quality.
  • The AGMARK-certified products applicant must comply with the regulations of the Agricultural Produce Grading and Marking Act of 1937.

Documents Required for AGMARK registration in India

The AGMARK registration applicant must attach the following documents authenticating the establishment of its Firm:

  • Incorporation Documents, such as:

AGMARK registration documents

    • Memorandum of Association, if a Limited Company
    • Partnership Deed, if a Partnership Firm
  • Proof of Business Contact Details, such as:

AGMARK registration in India 

    • Business Name
    • Business’s Postal Address
    • Complete Premise Address of Grading Laboratory
  • Name of the proposed graded commodity(s)
  • Period of Business existence in the market
  • Copy of test report duly authenticated by a AGMARK-recognized laboratory
  • Product Samples
  • Details of the last year’s Business Turnover, such as:
    • Total Gross Product in Kgs

To get more clarity on the required documentation and attachments for the AGMARK certification procedure, connect with the AGMARK certification consultants at Registrationwala. 

Process for AGMARK registration in India

Process for online AGMARK registration in India

The process for the AGMARK registration procedure, as applicable in India, is detailed in the following steps:

Step 1: AGMARK license Application filing (Offline & Online)

You can apply for AGMARK registration in India in the following ways:

  • Visit the official portal
  • Visit the nearest office of the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection 

In the former, you will have to fill up the e-application form; in the latter, you must get and fill out the physical copy of the AGMARK application form.

What is an AGMARK application form?

Form – A is the AGMARK scheme form, as it specifies the purpose of a Certificate of Authorisation for Businesses involved in Grading and Marking Agricultural commodities for our domestic market.

Step 2: Documents and Payment Receipt Attachments

The applicant must attach the required documents along with the application form. They must be annexed and enclosed with Form A. The application bundle must also attach proof of the prescribed application fee, such as a receipt. The fee is dependent on the nature of the commodity for which the AGMARK license is sought.

Factors affecting AGMARK licensing fee:

The applicant can submit the license registration fee in a demand draft. The processing fee charges generally depend on the following variables as detailed in the form's annexures:

  • Grading Charges
  • Processing Fees
  • Aggregator Charges

Step 3: Application submission to the DMI

Only the applicant confirms his access to an approved laboratory can he submit the drafted application to the office of the DMI for a Certificate of Authorisation. The applicant can be granted the requisite certification after the application verification procedure completion. The verification usually takes 30 to 40 days.

Step 4: Granting license for Grading-approved Laboratory

After the successful verification, the person is granted access to an approved laboratory. To confirm the access, the applicant must furnish the consent letter of the approved laboratory under AGMARK in Form A-3. 

Our Assistance in filing AGMARK registration in India

If you wish to get an AGMARK symbol for your Business, then you must seek the requisite AGMARK license for your Business. But the certification procedure, as with many registration procedures, is mandarin for people not well-versed with such procedures. Here, Registrationwala comes in handy to you. Legal Experts at Registrationwala can make you sail through the entire AGMARK license registration procedure in no time. Let us take you through our AGMARK certificate consultancy procedures:

  1. Compile the relevant documentation
  2. Filing the AGMARK application on your behalf
  3. Dealing with post-submission formalities
  4. Delivering you the AGMARK license

If you want to know more about the AGMARK licensing procedure, contact one of our Incorporation Experts. Our AGMARK certification consultants can also brief you on the related matters of the AGMARK registration fees.



Q. Is AGMARK a mandatory certification?

A. No, it is a voluntary certification but is highly recommended for the Agri-Businesses in India to ensure the quality of their products to the general public.

Q. What is the renewal fee for the AGMARK license in India?

A. The license renewal fee for the AGMARK symbol is roughly 5000 Rs in India. But the amount can be adjusted if you seek our AGMARK certification consultation services.

Q. Who issues the AGMARK certificate in India to agri-businesses?

A. AGMARK certificate is issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare's Directorate of Marketing and Inspection (DMI).

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