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The Indian Standard Institute (ISI) was the first body overseeing the quality of consumer goods. Established in 1980, the ISI now issues certification under BIS. Contact Registrationwala and start the process of certification today.

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ISI Certification under BIS Process

Step 1
Product's Independent Testing
Step 2
Step 3
Application filing
Step 4
Application Assessment
Step 5
Grant of ISI certification

What is ISI Certification under BIS?

ISI certification was introduced by Indian Standard Institute in 1980. Through it, the institute’s goal was to ensure that consumers have access to goods and services of optimum quality. With time, the certification requirement evolved, and so did the quantum of products and services under it. Right now,  there are over 53 categories of products that require ISI certification on the mandatory basis. So many number of products needed a different, and a more expansive authority. Thus, ISI got refashioned as BIS or Bureau of Indian standards. As a result, ISI certification is under issued under BIS. 

Eligibility criteria for ISI certification under BIS

You’ll obtain ISI certification only if your product adheres to the BIS regulations. When translated, the regulations  require your product to have the following attribute:

1.       Your manufacturing facility producing the product should be well maintained

2.       You should’ve taken appropriate measures to minister control over the product’s quality.

3.       Your manufacturing procedure for the product should adhere to ISI certification regulations

4.       The manufacturing facility’s infrastructure should take into consideration the machinery, the spatial and the quality requirements mentioned in BIS regulations.

5.       You should have a testing facility to assess the efficacy, and safety of the product you’re about to sell. 

Documents required for ISI certification under BIS

The documents required for ISI certification under the BIS are as follows:

1.       Certificate of incorporation of the applicant company

2.       Other details of the applicant showing their business identity

3.       Cover letter

4.       List of raw materials

5.       Test reports of the product : both partial and long duration

6.       ISO certification for Quality Management System.

Procedure of ISI certification under BIS

The ISI certificate procedure for the product is as follows:

1.       Product’s testing at an independent lab

2.       Application filing

3.       Submission of document

4.       Submission of list of raw materials

5.       Submission of list of partial test report

6.       Submission of long duration test reports

7.       Auditing of your manufacturing facility

8.       Assessment of the product’s sample

9.       Review of the product’s independent test report

10.   Grant of ISI certification – mark – based on the assessment. 

How can Registrationwala assist you with ISI certification under BIS

You require precision when filing applications, thoroughness when drafting documents, and vigilance when following up with the department. All these tasks are time-consuming – diverting your attention away from doing your business. Registrationwala doesn’t let it happen. We take care of all that you need to do for ISI certification in India.

1.       We are precise during application filing – making no errors when submitting it to the BIS

2.       We are thorough when it comes to documentation – ensuring that no doc is left out.

3.       We are vigilant when following up with the department – taking preliminary measures to deal with any issues.

So, if you want to focus on your business, leave this ISI matter to us. Just give us your requirement and we will get started right away. 

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