Navigating the Landscape of Certification Marks in India: Types and Significance

  • June 27, 2023
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While purchasing different items, you must look at some marks on the products. Most of the time, you must wonder why these marks are used on the product, why all the marks are different, and how many types of marks are used on the products. 

So, the government issues these marks to protect the interest of the consumers and provide them with good quality goods. For that, the government has set some rules to make the products as per the standard for all products sold in a market. 

However, different certifications are required for different products, and in India, there are 5 famous certifications. These certifications are discussed below, but first, understand what are the certification marks and which government body regulates them.  


What are Certification Marks?

In India, products are governed by law, and at different times these laws are made by the Parliament of India. Before the commencement of the law, various agencies hold power and status. 

There are several certification marks and some of them are mandatory to hold for the manufacturing of the products and selling. On the other hand, some of these marks provide advisory status by holding. Now, all the industry standards and industry products are governed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). 

So, businesses having certification marks, provide their products a validity or assurance that products are tested and as per the quality standard. However, it specifies the location of origin, the material of construction, the mode of production, the characteristics of the goods, etc.


5 Famous Certification Marks in India

Here are the five famous certification marks in India, that the government has made to protect the economic interests of all citizens. These certification marks are as follows: 

There are 5 famous certification marks in India Agmark, ISI , BIS , FSSAI and Halal certification.

AGMARK Certification

This certification is important for the agricultural products which are issued by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection of the Government of India. AGMARK certification works as a benchmark to ensure the authenticity of agricultural products. 

The Agricultural Produce Grading and Marking Act of 1937 regulates the provisions of the AGMARK certificate. However, this certification provides authentication to about 222 agricultural items including a variety of pulses, cereals, essential oils and vegetable oils, semi-processed products, etc. However, the AGMARK certification is voluntary but the authority can make it compulsory. 

FSSAI Certification

The FSSAI certification is also called food certification, it is one of the most essential certificates to open a restaurant. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is an independent authority established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. 

A certificate from FSSAI works as an approval to open a restaurant and it makes sure that the food is prepared as per the standards set by the authority. Although, this number contains 14 digits and every restaurant, manufacturer, and trader has to print it on the food packages. With this certification, consumers get the feeling that the food they are eating is prepared with food safety standards.

BIS Certification

The Bureau of Indian Standards is a National Standard Body of India under the BIS Act, 2016. It gives authority to customers with the third-party guarantee of good safety, quality, and reliability. 

The government of India has made it compulsory for the health of the consumer for some specific products. Its main purpose is to give confidence and trust to the customer regarding electronic products. 

However, the manufacturers of electronic products must obtain the BIS certification; this scheme was notified by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in 2012. This certification will ensure the better utilization of the resources and improve market reputation. 

ISI Certification

The Indian Standards Institute is a certificate under BIS that ensures product standards and safety. Under this certification, 346+ products fall which are mandatorily required the ISI mark which is possible only after obtaining an ISI certification.

Without the certificate, the manufacturer won’t be able to sell or manufacture products in India. The certification is used for many electronic appliances such as switches, electric motors, wiring cables, and other products like LPG valves, LPG cylinders, etc.

Having this certificate improves customer satisfaction and goodwill. Also, reduce the wastage of resources and minimize the production cost. Confirm the delivery of high-quality products.

Halal Certification

It is a document that checks the features and quality of products as per the Islamic Council that allows the mark Halal. It is mainly applied to products such as milk, canned food, and additives. These rules are applied to meat products especially. The products which are Halal certified are marked with the symbol or simply a letter M. 



It doesn’t matter in which industry you want to set up a business. The certificate is required in every industry to show the brand value and product quality. So, if you are a business owner and want to register for certification, then we at Registrationwala can assist you.


To register for the certification of AGMARK, ISI, BIS, FSSAI, or HALAL. We can help you with the complete process. So, if you have any questions regarding the certification marks, then reach out to us.




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