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As per the directives of Wireless Planning and Coordination wing, those who want to own certain radio and wireless equipment for demonstrated purposes, need to do so after obtaining the permission from the WPC. The permission is known as the Demonstration License

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Demonstration License Process

Step 1
Furnish Documents
Step 2
Application filing
Step 3
Wait for application's analysis
Step 4
Obtain the Import License

What is Demonstration License in India?

A demonstration License is a type of non-network License that's provided by WPC to those who seek to possess wireless, or radio-frequency based products for demonstration purposes. 

Provided by the regional offices located in major metropolitan cities in India, Demonstration License is only issued to those with Dealer Possession License.

Thus, if you're an owner of dealer possession license, reach out to registration if you want to demonstrate the products. 

Eligibility Criteria for Demonstration License in India

Demonstration License is only issued to those with Dealer Possession License.

Documents required for Demonstration License in India

Following are the documents required for the demonstration license

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • MOA and AOA
  • DPL License copy

Process for getting Demonstration License in India

Following is the procedure for getting a Demonstration license:

  • Document preparation
  • Application filing
  • Application's assessment
  • Grant of Demonstration license


Our assistance in getting you Demonstration License in India

Registrationwala provides end to end assistance in providing you the demonstration license. Our services entail:

  • Application filing
  • Document preparation
  • Department follow up
  • Other aids depending upon the situation

Call Registrationwala for your demonstration license needs. 


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