How can a Demonstration License help you with Telecom world?

  • November 09, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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What is a Demonstration License?

A Demonstration License in India is a non-network License. The WPC wing, i.e., the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing of the Department of Telecommunications, issues such licenses. WPC issues a Demonstration certificate to those seeking to possess wireless radio-frequency-based telecom products. 


Is Demonstration a one-time registration?

The Demonstration license is valid for a limited period. This license is not extendable. Such a permit is purely for demonstration purposes of spectrum-based wireless telecom products. The Licensee must partake the demonstrations of these telecom products to market the new spectrum-based band products prevalent in the telecom sector.

The demonstration license is valid for three months. Its validity cannot be extended. So, the demonstration licensee cannot file for any kind of license renewal.


Where to get a Demonstration License?

The demonstration license is provided by the Regional Offices of the Telecom Authority. It is located in all the major metropolitans of the country. The applicant must first make an application to the regional office to embark on their demonstration certificate registration process.


Which DoT License is a pre-requisite for the Demonstration License?

A demonstration license is only issued to entities bearing the DPL, i.e., a Dealer Possession license. Therefore, if you possess a Dealer Possession License, then connect with the Telecom Experts at Registrationwala to legally demonstrate your telecom products. 


What defines your eligibility for Demonstration License registration?

Eligibility Criteria for Demonstration License: The applicant must satisfy the following pre-conditions before filing for the license registration:

The Demo license must be provided for all the spectrum bands, such as:

  • New Bands
  • Unallocated Bands
  • Unallotted Bands
  • Unassigned Bands
  • Unsold Bands
  • Unused Bands, and so on.

It must be feasible which enables international market access for Indian corporates.


What are the types of Demonstration Licenses?

The WPC issue two kinds of Demonstration licenses

Indoor Demonstration Licenses

The DoT issues the Indoor License for demonstrating finished goods, including spectrum Non-radiating / low power radiating telecom products.

Outdoor Demonstration Licenses

The DoT issues Outdoor License for demonstrating finished products, including spectrum radiating telecom products.

Only Indian entities can apply for demonstration licenses of any kind.


Demonstration License for Non-­Interference

The licensee must possess a separate demonstration license on a non-­interference as well as a non-protection basis. It is issued for one month in one place. But such telecom licenses are not required if the applicant is holding any of the following licenses:

  • Experimental Licenses
  • Technology Trials License
  • Manufacturing License
  • Testing License
  • Any other authorized Business Entity with a DPL


What is the processing fee for a Demonstration License?

For both kinds of Demonstration licenses, indoor and outdoor, the registration fee is five thousand rupees. It requires no additional royalty charges. All the telecom equipment working in such frequency spectrum is umbrellaed under one Demo license.


What are the restrictions on Demonstration Licensee by the DoT?

The Authority must issue the demo license on a non-interference as well as a non-protection basis. But, the indoor license is restricted to an indoor environment. The licensee must operate the equipment in a non-radiating and very low-power radiating mode. The Outdoor licensee must not provide any commercial services.

Furthermore, the demonstration license must have permission to the following to operate in both licensed and license-exempt bands:

  • Import Wireless Products
  • Assemblies
  • Modules
  • Associated Accessories

The Licensee must not use such imported products for commercial purposes. The demo licensee must comply with the stocking requirements with no special requirement of separate DPL License possession.

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