Chemexcil: Definition, Benefits and Documents required

  • March 06, 2021
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Chemexcil is the council established for the benefits of chemical, dyes and cosmetics exporters of India. Know about how to become a member of this government run council. 



Back in 1963, the Government of India setup Basic Chemicals, Cosmetics & Dyes Export Promotion Council. It’s goal was to promote the export of rich assets of chemicals, cosmetics & dues. Different panels were designed as per the council’s discretion and they are as follows:

  1. Panel i: This panel deals in products that are Dyes or Dye intermediates

  2. Panel II: This panel deals in products that are Organic and Inorganic chemicals – also including agrochemicals. 

  3. Panel IIIL: This panel took over the export promotion of products including soaps, cosmetics, toiletries and essential oils. 

  4. Panel IV: This panel took over export promotion of the remaining products including castor oil, speciality chemicals and lubricants. 

India has always been known for its exotic products since before the British occupation. Realizing this, the government of India established Chemixcil. Presently, this council has amassed a membership strength of more than 4000 exporters. 

What are the benefits of becoming a member of Chemixcil

If you’re someone who has never heard of the council, we don’t blame you. While the council has subtly existed for a long time, only few were able to become its members. Now the membership rules have been relaxed and as a result of that more and more members are coming in. But why should you do the same?

  1. Presence of Export Promotional Schemes: Chemixcil gives export promotional opportunities to its members with schemes such as MDA and MAI (Market Development Assistance and Market Access initiative). Exporters can tap into these schemes and promote the export of their product worldwide. 

  2. Recommending VISA: Chemixcil recommends VISA for its members for business trips around the globe. Simply put, it makes international travel easy for its exporter members. 

  3. Exhibitions: Chemixcil leaves no stone unturned to provide assistance to its members. In order to promote its agendas further, it organizes seminars and exhibitions all across the globe. Such exhibitions enhance the business opportunities for members and provide them with networking opportunities with other exporters. 

  4. Publication: Every month, the council launches a publication in which it details the latest developments in the export sector. The members can read these publications and inform themselves of the changes. In doing so, they can make strategic decisions moving ahead.

  5.  Financing the exports: Exporters come in every scale. The lack of finances for some of them can prove disastrous. That’s why, the council provides its member exporters with financing opportunities by tying them up with NBFCs and banks. What’s more amazing about this service is than an exporter isn’t charged anything. 

What are the documents required to become a member of Chemixcil?

To become a member of Chemixcil, one must file the application for membership. The documents required for submission are as follows:

  1. Application for membership

  2. Copy of any certificate issued by the authorities

  3. Copy of the IE Code or the Import Export Code

  4. PAN Card’s Copy

  5. Demand draft issued in favour of Chemexcil  SBI account number 1099680736

The application should also entail proofs of the details filled in it. 

  1. Proof of all the facts that are mentioned in the application

  2. Whether the exporter is applying as an individual firm or a company

  3. What type of membership is the exporter opting for. 


Chemexcil was an idea to bring together exporters and create a network for them so they can export products that are instrumental to India’s economic growth. With the many benefits provided for such memberships, exporters shouldn’t think twice about joining it.

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