How to Conduct an Online Patent Search Easily?

  • May 17, 2019
  • Dushyant Sharma
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To get your invention patented, you need to find out that it is truly unique first. Therefore, you should know how to conduct patent search easily. While you can conduct rudimentary search, for advanced search, you need the help of patent agents.

Patent registration is a special form of IP (Intellectual Property) protection given to inventions that are unique, inventive and useful. Needless to say, only a few inventions get the chance to be patented. Uniqueness of the invention is utmost important, and it is the most difficult one to get. At any moment, there are many minds thinking the same thing and therefore, conducting an online patent search is important. However, patent search is not easily done. Therefore through this blog, you are going to know the answer to how to conduct an online patent search easily?

Process of Patent Search

Without patent search online, you won’t know if your invention is truly unique. However, to conduct a search of this kind, you need to be precise and conduct it online. However, you should look for an easy way. Is it an easy to do it? Yes there is. And through this article, you are going to know about it:

  1. Google patent search: It is the most basic form of patent search. The portal used for this mode of search is As you can already get an idea, the basic structure of conducting patent search online through this portal is similar to how you would conduct a patent search. It is easy. However, only the most basic search is. To perform the patent search, input the details of your invention in one sentence and put it inside the search bar. You would see a wide variety of inventions that would have the same terminologies.
  2. USPTO portal: The US patent office portal and IP India portals have specific search modules to search for already registered patents. The User interface to interact with the search modules is similar to Google patents. However, the answers are presented in a much more professional manner. 

Now, there are patent search filters given there as well. These filters can give you filtered search results for patents in terms of:

  1. Patent Priority
  2. Patent category
  3. Patent office
  4. Patent Type
  5. Patent status
  6. Patent language

The process of conducting patent search using the above mentioned filters requires you to have a lot of prior information. Therefore, for filtered search, you should contact the right experts. is an IP support portal that can provide you patent agents and attorneys that can help you.

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