How Indian Entrepreneurs Leaving Their Mark on London ?

  • June 06, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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In the last few decades, a trend has been seen in Indian entrepreneurs to locate themselves in London for international setup. For most, it is an opportunity to sell in markets of London because of a large base of consumers, as well as having a business in London has many benefits.


The globalization that happened in recent years make the global supply chain more efficient. So, having an actual presence in London will help you in different ways. Mainly, these are three main reasons why companies want to start or expand their business in London.

  1. Customers
  2. Access to Global Funding
  3. Global Talent

With access to all these benefits, Indian entrepreneurs are leaving their mark on London. But they have some other benefits also to grow businesses.


Techniques of Indian Entrepreneurs to Grow in London

An Indian business owner has multiple benefits from the country. The thing is how they take advantage to make an impact on the market. Below are some advantages:


1. Rich Culture and Heritage

With the increase in popularity of Indian culture around the world especially London, businesses are taking advantage by setting up a business in London. The brands are using India’s rich cultural heritage, diverse population, and low-cost manufacturing capabilities to leave a mark on London markets. 

For instance, Indian prints, fabrics, textiles, and technology products are unique in their own way and that’s why they are in demand. People are using these products because of their originality and as well as quality.


2. Adopting Digital Technology

Indian businesses are using digital platforms to reach their audience and promote business services. This helps them to explore different audiences, and new markets, and to expand business boundaries. 

Indian companies have built a strong reputation for their quality products and services, innovation, and value which help them make their space in London.


3. Sustainability

Most Indian manufacturing businesses are using environment-friendly practices in their manufacturing processes. By doing this, they do two things:


  1. Attract consumers who are environment friendly
  2. Help in saving the environment by not producing harmful products


In the upcoming years, Indian businesses will impact the markets of London by becoming more competitive. As the economy will grow and brands become more well-known with their different products and services.


To grow a business in London, you first have to establish a business. Registering any business in London there is a particular procedure which a business owner must know. Here is a complete step-by-step process for company registration in London.


The Procedure of Company Registration in London

As per the Companies Act 2006, businesses that regulate and operate within the UK must follow all the rules set by the Authority. Every person who wants to start a business must know the procedure to register a company in London, following are the steps to register a corporate entity in London:


Step 1: Choose the Type of Business Structure

Business owners need to choose a suitable business structure before applying for company formation in London. The type of companies an applicant choose from are:


  • Limited and Unlimited Companies
  • Private and Public Companies
  • Companies Limited by Shares and Guarantee
  • Community Interest Companies


Some less popular business structures in London are:


  • Community Interest Company
  • Unregistered Company


Step 2: Select the Name of Your Company

Next, after choosing the structure, the business owner needs to decide a trade name for the company. Before deciding on the name, owners must check the rules and regulations of the Company Act, 2006.


Step 3: Appoint the Directors and Company Secretary

According to the Company Law of London, having at least one Director at the time of company registration in London is required. However, appointing a company secretary is not mandated as per the law. A Company Secretary can become a Director, so some companies appoint a company secretary to take on the responsibilities of a Director. 


Step 4: Appoint Shareholders or Guarantors 

After the appointment of the Director, a company must appoint the shareholders and guarantor. Every limited company must have at least one shareholder or guarantor, he can be the company’s Director. In case, there is only one shareholder, then he can completely own the company.


Step 5: Create & Maintain the Auditing and Financial Records

To register a company in London, the applicant must have specific records regarding the affairs of the company. The Authority has delegated the power to HM Revenue and Customs to check the compliance of the Company. A company must have all the details regarding the director, shareholder, company secretary, etc.


How Registrationwala Can Help You?

We at Registrationwala, help you complete services of company incorporation in London by assisting you in the following manner:

  • Collecting all the documents for registration
  • Choosing a name and reserving with Biritish Authority guidelines.
  • Filing the company incorporation file on your behalf
  • Assist in the appointment of the Directors and Shareholders in the company
  • Choosing an appropriate office location
  • Obtain the required business license for running a company


We understand the timely completion of all company requirements, this is where we help you with company incorporation in London. Connect with us to know more about starting a company in London.

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