Import License in India: Why was it sought during COVID?

  • December 08, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Import License in India: Why was it sought during COVID?

The Centre government, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, expedited the clearance process to import nebulizers, oxygen concentrators, and other life-saving medical devices. During the second wave, we saw the catastrophe caused by SARS disease. Also, the Government issued new Import licenses to cater to the steep demand for such items amid the second wave of COVID in the country.

What businesses lacked during the Pandemic… Importer license

The Legal Metrology Department issues the Importer license. The department is responsible for issuing purchasing, importing, selling, distribution, and dealership weighing and measurement product certificates. 

Therefore, the import license is necessary for any company to import and distribute the required medical equipment. The manufacturer of such equipment calibrates them in terms of the volume of the content they contain. 

So, to ascertain that the imported commodity is competent to the standards set by the Metrology department, the dealers of such products are issued import licenses.

Import Business At Covid



Life Supports for which the Importer License was sought

The licensed importers must make necessary declarations under the legal metrology rules after customs clearance but before hitting the market. These orders will apply to 

  • Oxygen Cylinders 
  • Nebulizers
  • Cryogenic Cylinders 
  • Oxygen Canisters 
  • Ventilators

The Legal Metrology license holder informed the officials in the LM departments immediately after shipments hit India. This hastiness's entire purpose was to avail these life-saving commodities to the needful who were on the brink of their life.

Does your business also need an Import License in India?

Let us first understand that to ensure that if the 

  • To-be-imported goods are of certain standard quality, or 
  • The exporters conducted no monkey business in their procurement, or 
  • If they are suitable for the Indian market and Indian people or not, 
  • Also, if the requirement of a product is of great importance, 

then the Legal Metrology Department issues the Import licenses to conduct the import business to willful entities.

Well, in any case, if you want to import certain products from a foreign land to sell and distribute them on Indian soil, then you must get your business an Import license in India.

Import License: Definition

Now, understand the very nature of the import license issued by the Legal Metrology department. Legal Metrology Import licenses are for the products whose manufacturer calibrates them in terms of volume, area, length, mass, or pressure. This License is not for importing every commodity from abroad. The registered importers can import only products used as weighment and measurement units into the country using the Importer's License. 

Need for the Import License


There are tons of benefits for a business registered as an Importer. First, there are fewer regularities and more tax benefits to running a business as a registered entity. For instance, 

  • The finance ministry waived essential customs duty and health cess on imported oxygen and related equipment for three years. 
  • Also, the CBIC instructed its field officers to clear medical equipment shipments on the highest priority.

Therefore, as a registered business, you will get far more priority from the Government and its authorities to conduct import businesses. After gaining such licenses, the importer can expeditiously provide the necessary medical equipment to offer the needful in such a significant emergency.


You can reach out to us if your business has an Import License. We are Registrationwalas, a legal consultancy firm that aids its clients in procuring all kinds of Legal Metrology related-licenses.

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