What is Patent Provisional Specification?

  • August 26, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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If you have an idea of an invention and have started working on it, and the results of your development till now have been positive, you would feel the need to protect your development. Can you provide protection to the current development stage of your invention? Well yes, and the answer lies in the question-“What is provisional patent specification?”

Provisional specification: the definition

Once you are filing for a patent for your invention that is still in development, you use Apply for it with a provisional specification. You can think of the provisional specification as a specialized column where in you fill in the specifications of your invention up to a particular stage. This provisional specification is filed alongside the standard patent application. The purpose of filing this sort of application is not only to protect your development stage, but also to set your date of priority.

Provisional specification: The advantages

When it comes to patent registration, there are any cases where you will be filing a provisional one and you would be making the right choice. The reasons for that are given below:

1. The requirements to file a provisional specification are quite less formal:

As there are fewer formalities with the filing process, it is an immense relief for you. Furthermore, as the formalities are less, the cost of filing the patent is less as well. Another indirect benefit of the lack of formality is that you would be more focused towards the development of the invention than being worried about the legal stuff.

2. You can secure foreign priority with this:

When you are opting to protect your development stages of your invention, you end up making sure that you are given priority when it comes time to get the full patent. This priority basis is applicable throughout the world as well.

3. Get promoting:

When you have applied for provisional specifics, you can circumvent the Novelty aspect of the patent and can promote the product at this stage. To that end, if you are YouTuber who also wants to invent something, you need this form of certification.

4. This is a good short term solution:

A provisional specification is meant for a period of 12 months. This is a cost effective short term solution that attracts a lot of inventors.

5. It is good motivator for you to complete your invention”

The 12 month period that you get after you apply for provisional specification is going to assist you a lot when it comes to getting to work. With 1 year to your side, you can make sure that your invention comes out on time as after this year, it is time for complete specification.

We have another blog that details the application process for this. Check it out if you want to go for it.

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