7 types of newspaper Titles that are not allowed for RNI Registration

  • May 03, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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For RNI registration, certain titles are considered to be unfit. Here are 7 types of newspaper titles that are not allowed for RNI registration.

One of the greatest hurdles you’ll face in the RNI registration process is the approval of the title. While the title should be unique, it should also hold meaning. While people can come up with a unique title name very fast, it’s the meaning that they get confused by. Consequently, the Registrar of Newspaper in India doesn’t waste any time rejecting their applications.

That’s why, you should know about the newspaper titles that are not allowed for RNI online registration.


This blog is shed the light on that very topic. We are giving you here 7 types of titles that you should stay away from. Because it doesn’t matter how correct you are when filing the application, or how correctly you have put together the documents required for RNI registration, if the title is not to the Press registrar’s liking, your newspaper won’t see the light of day.

Titles with names of government bodies

Your newspaper is an authority. Someone people tend to believe in that authority so much that they name it after a government authoritative body. They are wrong? If your newspaper title has name of government department, international organizations, foreign governments or something similar like UN, WHO or WTO, your title is deemed as something that can confuse the public. Hence, your application will be rejected.

Title that contain words found in advertisement domains

Advertisement words are common and using them for the newspaper is useless. I mean, would buy  a newspaper titled “Advertisement times”, or “Panchang Samay”? What about “Fact Sheet for News” ? Of course not. Words like advertisement, tender, real estate, calendar, Panchang, matrimonial, diary, fact sheet, gist, pamphlet, are quite general terms. They are terms that are used with nearly every publication and thus can’t be given exclusive rights for to anyone who has paid the RNI registration fees. Thus, stay away from words like these.

Titles with abbreviations of acronyms

Think of one newspaper that doesn’t have its full name plastered over its front page. There are none. You know why? It’s because the Registrar of Newspapers in India doesn’t allow any newspaper to exist that has acronym for a name. It won’t allow a name like ABC news for a newspaper, neither it would allow A2Z. Stay away from abbreviations and embrace full words if you want RNI registration for your newspaper.

Titles with no meaning

Let’s go back to the hurdle we discussed – it’s choosing a newspaper title with a meaning. If the title of your newspaper is something like “Flogashi times”, the Press Registrar would think of it as absurd. But that’s not the only title that it considers to be meaningless. If you end up using symbols in your nespaper title like “=” or “+“, you won’t be allowed to have RNI registration in this case as well. Same goes for combination of words like Sandhya Evening, Saaptahik Weekly, Daily Dainik News, Ratri Night News and others. Newspaper with no meaning doesn’t feel like they have integrity. If the Press Registrar feels that the newspaper doesn’t have integrity, it rejects their application.

Titles unfit for civilized society

We live in a society where our minds have been polluted to the point that every word we think has a double meaning behind it. Gone are the days we could use the word “Give it to me” in an innocent way. While it’s funny and even endearing when used as fun, you can’t do the same with the newspaper title. In reality, they are obscene terms and Newspapers aren’t allowed to have that as the title. Furthermore, titles with religious connotations that are meant to subtly hurt someone’s religious sentiments aren’t allowed to obtain RNI registration certificate.

Title with the names of presidents and prime ministers

Newspapers are supposed to be an unbiased source of information for the people. While we are now living in an opinionated world, your newspaper should at least appear to not have any agenda. Which is why, our RNI Registration agent and the office of the newspaper registrar say that the title should not have names of any past presidents of prime ministers of India. So “Atal News”, regardless of how cool it sounds, won’t be allowed for a newspaper.

Titles that combination of other titles

The desperation of choosing a unique and meaningful name is real. It pushes many applicants to create newspaper titles that are a combination of  titles of existing newspapers. From “Navbharat Herald” to “The Times of Jagran”, the possibility seems endless. However, Press registrar doesn’t allow names that are combination of existing newspaper titles.

There are other types of names not allowed as a newspaper title

There are 21 different types of points given  to explain the categories of names not allowed to be newspaper titles. We have given you the details of the top 7 categories among them. If you want more information, or want to know if it’s possible to get RNI registration for online news portal, you’re free to call us.

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