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If you are in a or looking to start a Business as an Agri-based Exporter in India, then you can apply for the APEDA registration in India. With this permit, you can avail of benefits of various government's schemes. To learn how to apply for APEDA registration, refer to the service page.

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APEDA Registration in India

APEDA full form is Agricultural, and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority.

The Government of India passed the law under the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority or APEDA Act to set up the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) in 1985. The APEDA aims to develop and promote the export of scheduled products from India to foreign nations. The Central Government empowers APEDA to offer financial Assistance as well as guidelines concerning planned product development. Such prepared products have been listed in the following sections. Every interested Exporter of such products must apply for APEDA license registration with the Authority. In this article, we look at APEDA Registration as well as the essentials surrounding the same.

As an Objective, the APEDA Act states the following,

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority/ APEDA aims to promote scheduled product export per the APEDA Act and the Central Government.

The Central Government has undertaken various functions per the regulations to achieve such a complex objective. However, the Central Government must also follow the rules and regulations through the APEDA for efficient administration.


Features of online APEDA Registration

The following are the salient features of getting the APEDA registration:

APEDA is a Mandatory Registration

It is a registration that is mandatory for the exporters of scheduled products. Therefore, anyone who wants to become an exporter of processed food products mentioned in the schedule must get APEDA registration.

APEDA certification has lifetime validity

It is only needed to be registered for a single time. Unlike many other business licenses, you don't need to renew your APEDA license after a definite period.

APEDA-registered Entities can get financial aid from Government

Getting APEDA registration makes you eligible for government schemes. For example, the processed food market is seen as an economic driver of the nation. As a result, once you get APEDA registration, you can ask the Government for financial Assistance.

Multitude of Training Programs for APEDA-authorized Entities

As an APEDA certificate holder, you are allowed to engage in training programs. The registered members can participate in training programs organized in various industries for scheduled products.

Advantages of APEDA Registration Online

The APEDA online registration is mandatory for all exports of scheduled products. As registered business will get different advantages and these are as follows:

  1. Every individual or entity who is involved in the business of export of scheduled products must require a legal backup, and APEDA registration scheme provides it.
  2. Get subsidies for the growth and development of export infrastructure, featured and market development activities. 
  3. Get aware of the latest export quality standards, trade fairs, infrastructure support, and agriculture exchange support.
  4. Provides guidelines and instructions to the exporters related to the scheduled products.
  5. Avail financial APEDA schemes and help to expand the brand awareness in the market.

Eligibility Criteria for Online APEDA Registration in India

Any food business operator indulging in export of food products mentioned in the First Schedule and Second Schedule of the APEDA act are eligible for the APEDA registration online. As per the guidelines given in sub-section (1) of section 12 of the APEDA act, all the businesses and individuals included in the business of import, manufacture, or promote are eligible for registration. 


The exporters have to acquire APEDA registration within one month of incorporation of the business. The below is a complete list of products covered under the list of first schedule and second schedule.

List of Products Monitored by APEDA

The following are the APEDA products list which fall under the category of scheduled products. APEDA monitors and promotes their exports, if your exports are around these products, then it is best to get APEDA registration online.

  • Dairy and meat products.
  • Walnut, peanut, and groundnut.
  • Products made of honey, jaggery, and sugar.
  • Fruit, vegetables, and items made from these.
  • Cereals and related products.
  • Chutney, papads and pickles.
  • Beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
  • Herbal and medicinal products.
  • All types of Chocolates and cocoa products.
  • Confectionary, Biscuits and Bakery Products.

Basmati Rice has been included in the Second Schedule of APEDA Act. In addition to this, APEDA has been entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring the import of sugar as well.

Documents required for online APEDA Registration in India

Required Documents for APEDA Registration

APEDA Registration Documents: The documents required for APEDA registration are as follows:

  • Self-attested copy of IE Code issued by the DGFT
  • A copy of the Import-Export code
  • Bank certificate signed by the authorities
  • Canceled Cheque
  • Bank statement of the bank account of the Company or firm (for the last two months)

APEDA Licensing Fee

The APEDA license registration fee is five thousand rupees. This APEDA license certificate cost is exclusive of all taxes. The Licensee can make the payment for APEDA registration certificate charges through the following modes: 

  • Credit Card (MasterCard / Visa),
  • Debit Card (MasterCard / Visa),
  • OR Demand draft in favor of APEDA payable within the jurisdiction

Validity of APEDA Registration Online

The Registration-Cum-Membership-Certificate (RCMC) is valid for 5 years. The APEDA registration license will be auto-renewed after every 5 years. Once the fees are submitted, no additional document or submission is required.

Process of obtaining the online APEDA Certificate in India

Process of obtaining the APEDA Registration in India

Online APEDA Registration Process

How to register in APEDA? The process of APEDA registration consists of the following steps. Our certified experts will be with you all the way through.

  • Go to the APEDA website and register as a member.
  • Once you become a registered user, enter your credentials to log in.
  • Upload the required documents and file the online application.
  • Submit the registration fee of INR 5,000/-.
  • You'll receive an application number. Save it.
  • Keep monitoring the application using that number and your user credentials.
  • APEDA will process your application.
  • If your application fulfills the correct requirements, you'll obtain RCMC or APEDA registration.

At any moment, if we feel like your application might get rejected, we will strategize to ensure acceptance for your application.

Our Assistance in getting the online APEDA Registration in India

Registrationwala can assist you with the online APEDA export license registration by providing you with the following services:

  • Document drafting
  • Online APEDA Application form filing
  • Processing the application
  • Completing the registration

Therefore, get in touch with us if you want the APEDA export license registration in minimum time and at minimum APEDA registration fees. Along with the registration process, we can also help you comprehend the information about the APEDA membership fees or APEDA renewal process and fees, the online APEDA registration renewal process, and APEDA returns filing. 

FAQs for APEDA License

Q1. How to get APEDA certificate?

A. The process of online APEDA license certification is as follows:

  • Register as an APEDA member
  • Become a registered user & log in to the account
  • Upload the required documents
  • File the online APEDA Export License application.
  • Submit the APEDA registration processing fee of INR 5,000/-.
  • You'll receive an application number. Save it on your system.
  • Monitor the application periodically using the saved number
  • APEDA processes your application
  • If the application fulfills the marked standards, they will issue you the APEDA registration certificate.

Q2. What is APEDA license registration? Is it mandatory?

A. It is a mandatory registration for the exporters of scheduled products. Therefore, to become an exporter of processed food products, you must get APEDA registration.

Q3. How to apply for the APEDA registration certificate? Is it a one-time registration?

A. The APEDA registration must only be registered for a single time. Therefore, unlike other licenses, the APEDA licensee doesn't need to renew his permit after a definite period.

Q4. Why is APEDA registration required?

A. APEDA registration is required for the country's lawful manufacture and export of processed food consumables. 

Q5. How does training schedules are organized for the APEDA licensees?

A. As an APEDA certificate holder, you can engage in training programs. The APEDA members can participate in the requisite training programs organized in agri-based industries for the APEDA scheduled products.

Q6. How can Registrationwala assist you in getting the APEDA export license in India?

A. Registrationwala can assist you in the following way to get the APEDA export license in India:

  • Self-attested IE Code copy by the DGFT
  • Bank Certificate of the Firm
  • Canceled Cheque of Corporate Account
  • Bank statement of the Company's bank account for the last two months

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