Get network license to operate non networked equipments

A non-Network license is provided by the Department of Telecommunication for the purpose of operating certain wireless products.

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Non Network License

Step 1
Get the equipment tested
Step 2
Prepare documentation
Step 3
File the application
Step 4
Wait for the DOT's analysis
Step 5
Obtain the Non-Network License

What is Non-network License in India?

Certain licenses that the Wireless planning commission provides fall under the non-networked category. These licenses are meant for the purpose of sale, purchase and import of certain wireless products. 

If you want to partake in such businesses, you need to acquire the non-import license from the Department of Telecommission via WPC wing. 

What you can operate as when you have a non-network license?

Following are the products/businesses that fall under non-network license:

  • Aero mobile Station
  • Dealer Possession License(DPL)
  • Non-Dealer Possession License(NDPL)
  • Demonstration
  • Import
  • Maritime Mobile Station
  • Operator's License For GMDSS
  • Operator's License For COP
  • Operator's License For Amateurs

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Eligibility Criteria of non network license in India

The WPC will only issue you a non network license if you're an incorporated business entity, and possess the personnel depending upon the type of equipment or business you operate. 

Documents required for non-network license in India

The documents required for non network license entail:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • ID proof
  • Specification of the equipment
  • Frequency test report
  • Duly filled application form

Process to obtain non-network license in India

Following is the process to obtain Non-Network License:

  • File the network license application via an Online portal
  • Check out the checklist provided
  • Fill the application form and upload it using your DSC
  • Wait for the analysis of the said application
  • Obtain the Network License. 

Our Assistance for you so that you can get the Network License in India

To get you the Non-Network License, we assist you in the following ways:

1. We will file your Non-Network license application.

2. We prepare the documentation for it.

3. We provide end to end network License assistance.

For more information, reach out to our experts. We can spring into action and deliver you the non-network license as soon as possible. 

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