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An RIA is an Advisory Firm issuing Investment consultations to willful clients. If you wish you register yourself as a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor, then you must apply for the RIA license with Registrationwala's aid.

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Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) license in India

A Registered Investment Advisor is an entity, individual or corporate, which is authorized by the Security Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to give unsolicited advice to their clients. The SEBI issues specialized permits known as the RIA license to entities for dispensing Investment Advisories in the market.

If you wish to provide Investment Advisory services in India, then you must get yourself registered as an Investment Adviser or IA. Here, the SEBI issues an RIA license or the Registered Investment Advisor license only to worthy applicants. But there are specific perimeters on which SEBI tests the worthiness of the RIA certification applicant. The Exchange Board issues specific eligibility criteria for every IA aspirant that he must ensure before applying for the RIA application. But, embarking on this RIA license registration journey, let us first understand what an RIA is.

Who is an RIA or a SEBI-Registered Investment Advisor?

A SEBI Registered Investment Advisor is an entity, both person and a business, that wishes to engage in the Business of providing unsolicited Investment Advice to its clients. Here, the client can be a person or a group of persons. Even someone holding himself out as a Registered Investment Advisor can be a client of another Investment Advisor.

Investment Advice is basically a consultation related to investing, purchasing, selling, or dealing in investment products. The advice can also be on the investment portfolio containing securities or other investment products for the client's benefit. Such advice must reflect financial planning.


Eligibility Criteria for Investment Advisory license registration in India

If you wish to register yourself as a SEBI licensed Investment Advisory in India with the SEBI, then you must fulfill the following criteria, as stipulated by the SEBI regulations:

Applicant’s Qualification for RIA Certificate

Applicant’s Qualification for RIA certificate

An Individual, a Principal Officer, in the case of a Corporate IA, must have the following minimum Qualification for the applied license:

  • Professional Qualification, such as a Post-Graduate degree or Diploma in any of the following fields:
    • Finance
    • Accountancy
    • Business Management
    • Commerce & Economics
    • Capital Market
    • Banking and Insurance sector
    • Actuarial Science

The duration of any of the aforementioned vocations must be at least two years from a recognized institution by the Central or State Government. It can also be a recognized degree from any Foreign University/Institution.

  • Post Graduate in the Securities Market and Investment Advisory from the National Institute of Securities Market for more than one year
  • Possession of a CFA Charter from the CFA Institute in India

Applicant’s Relevant Experience for the RIA License

SEBI-Registered Investment Advisor licensee Experience

The SEBI-Registered Investment Advisor licensee or its Principal Officer must have an experience of at least five years in activities relating to issuing advisories for any of the following:

  • Financial Products
  • Securities
  • Fund
  • Asset
  • Portfolio Management

Required Certification for RIA license acquisition

The individual applicant or the Principal Officer of a Corporate IA must have a certificate in any of the investment advisory services from the following:

  • National Institute of Securities Market
  • Financial Planning Standards Board of India
  • India’s Recognized Stock Exchange
  • But each such certification must be accredited by the NISM.

The net worth of the RIA Certification applicant

Net worth of the RIA Certification applicant

The net worth of a RIA license applicant depends on its corporate structure, such as:

  • For a Corporate Investment Advisory Firm, the net worth must be maintained at a minimum of 50 lakh rupees
  • For Individual Investment Advisers, the net worth must be in the form of net Tangible Assets, with a minimum value set at five lakh rupees in India

How to calculate your Networth for RIA application?

Net worth for your Firm can be calculated by aggregating the values of share capital, in addition to the free reserves. Such reserves will exclude revaluative reserves. A well-computed net worth must not involves any of the following:

  • Aggregate Value of the Accumulated Losses
  • Unwritten Deferred Expenditure
  • Miscellaneous Expenses 

The RIA license applicant can obtain the net worth certificate from a Chartered Accountant attached to the application form intended for SEBI. 

Maintenance of Adequate Infrastructure

RIA License Office amenities

The SEBI Registered Investment Advisor aspirant must build an adequate infrastructure, including the following amenities, to undertake the Investment Advisory Services:

  • Office Equipment
  • Required Furniture & Fixtures
  • Communication Facilities
  • Research capacity, such as the software 


Documents required for SEBI Investment Advisor License in India

Documents required for SEBI Investment Advisor License

The SEBI Registered Investment Advisor license applicant must submit the required documents to the Securities and Exchange Board of India for an Investment Advisor License registration in India:

  • SEBI RIA license Application Form
  • Identity Proof, such as the following:
    • Passport
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Voter ID Card
    • PAN Card
  • Address Proof, such as the following:
    • Utility Bill
    • Bank Statement
    • Rental Agreement
  • Proof of Educational Qualification, such as the following:
    • Copy of Educational Degree
    • Copy of Mark Sheets
  • Proof of Work Experience in the Financial Services:
    • Details of Current Employment
    • Details of Previous Employment
    • Copy of SEBI RIA License exam scorecard
    • Net worth certificate by a Chartered Accountant
  • Detailed Business Plan, including the following Information:
    • Target Market
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Fee Structure, etc.
  • Optional Documents, such as the following:
    • Copy of Firm’s Service Agreement
    • Standard Operating Procedure of the Firm
    • SEBI RIA’s Compliance Manual

The applicant must note that the Board can ask for additional documents in addition to the aforementioned as part of the registration procedure. So, we advise you to check the SEBI website periodically. Or you can contact one of our Legal Professionals for the requisite documentation requirement before applying for the RIA certificate.


Process for Investment Advisor License Registration in India

Process for Investment Advisory License registration

To become a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor or a licensed RIA in India, you must adhere to the following procedure:

Step 1: Ensure the required Qualification for the RIA License SEBI

The applicant must first ascertain his qualification for the requisite license. He must also complete a certified course recognized by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. The applicant must also wield at least five years of experience in Financial Advisory services or related fields.

Step 2: Apply for & clear the SEBI’s RIA Exam

The applicant must apply for and pass the SEBI’s RIA exam conducted by the NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets).

Step 3: Apply for the RIA license

After clearing the SEBI RIA exam, the applicant can apply for RIA certificate registration on SEBI’s online portal. They must provide the requisite details along with the application, such as the following:

  • Educational Qualifications
  • Work Experience
  • RIA exam scorecard

Step 4: Application assessment by SEBI

The SEBI, after application submission, will conduct a background check on the filed application to ensure that the applicant meets the necessary criteria to become a registered Investment Advisory Firm in India.

Step 5: Grant of RIA License to the applicant

After successfully assessing the filed application, SEBI will grant you the RIA license. After the license reception, the licensee can start providing Investment Advisories to its clients.

As a certified RIA, you must show adherence to certain regulations set by SEBI. Such regulations are compliance filing, following the code of conduct, periodic reporting requirements, as well as ongoing training & education for the Principal Officer.


Our Assistance in filing the SEBI Investment Advisory License in India

If you wish to start your Business as a Registered Investment Advisor in India, you must seek the requisite RIA license from the SEBI. But the RIA certification procedure, as with many registration procedures, is mandarin to people not well-versed with such procedures. Here, Registrationwala comes in handy to you. Legal Experts at Registrationwala can make you sail through the entire RIA license registration procedure in no time. Let us take you through our RIA certificate consultancy procedures:

  1. Prepare you for the SEBI examination
  2. Compile the relevant documentation
  3. Filing the RIA license application on your behalf
  4. Dealing with post-submission formalities
  5. Delivering you the SEBI RIA license

If you wish to know more about the RIA licensing procedure, connect with one of our Incorporation Experts. 



Q. What are the RIA license requirements as per the SEBI?

A. The RIA license requirements as per the SEBI is as follows:

Ø  Requisite Educational Qualification

Ø  Essential Experience

Ø  Adequate Infrastructure

Ø  Net worth requirements

Q. How long does getting a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor license takes in India?

A. The licensing procedure depends on the level of preparation that the applicant is at. For an applicant with a clear scorecard, the registration time drops significantly.

Q. What is the requisite SEBI’s registered Investment Advisor fee in India?

A. The requisite SEBI’s Registered Investment Advisor fee is as follows:

Ø  Individual applicant: Rs. 5000

Ø  Corporate applicant: Rs. 25000

Q. How to become a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor in India?

A. To learn how to get an RIA license in India, follow the steps:

  1. Get the required qualification
  2. Apply for & clear the RIA Exam
  3. Apply for the RIA license
  4. SEBI assesses the application
  5. Grant of RIA License

Q. Where can I avail of the best SEBI Registered Investment Advisor services in India?

A. Registrationwala has a team of accomplished legal professionals who can make you sail through the entire RIA licensing procedure in India. 

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