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  • April 20, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Every business has some capital requirements for conducting its operations. Heavy capital machinery forms one such requirement. These machinery or equipment are immovable once installed. But to employ such an enormous mechanical setup, the businesses need to get a clearance or verification from the Government Authority to ascertain its safe usage. Such clearance is termed the Legal Metrology registration certificate. 


Measurement Instruments Inspection for Legal Metrology Central Registration


Any individual or a Business that has installed weighing and measuring instruments at its facility, which is also immovable, must get them verified by the Authority. The Department of Legal Metrology orders the Inspector of Metrology from the concerned District or Civil sub-division to conduct a full-scale inspection of the manufacturing facility of the business. The in-house inspection is done for the weighing or measuring instruments intended to be used for commercial operations. 


Procedure for Legal Metrology Instrument Inspection

Therefore, the Legal Metrology Packaging Registration applicant must arrange for an inspection before the commencement of their business. To arrange the inspection of the weighment instruments, the applicant must apply for online Verification and Stamping registration. 


Filing application for Measuring Instrument Verification

  • Identity Proof Original (such as Aadhar Card)
  • Original PAN Card
  • Model Approval Certificate (Original)
  • Purchase Invoice Documents Original
  • Clear picture showing the sealing provision
  • Valid Dealer or Repairer License
  • Valid Manufacturing Licence Original
  • Trading License (In case of non-tribal)
  • NOC from District Administration, NHAI,


and State PWD if the weighing /measuring instruments installed by the side of the National Highway/State Road


Application Assessment and Document Inspection

After successfully submitting the documents, the appointed Inspector of Metrology will scrutinize all the relevant documents. After the assessment, the Inspector will forward the applicant's candidature, alongwith the application and the documents, to the Office of the Controller of Legal Metrology. The Inspector will forward the details within seven working days. The most important documents that the Inspector will forward are the following:

  • Valid Manufacturing Licence
  • Model Approval Certificate
  • Valid Dealer / Repairer Licence
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Clear picture showing the sealing provision as prescribed on the Model Approval Certificate


Verification Application Assessment by the LMD Controller

Furthermore, the Controller of Legal Metrology or any appointed Metrology Officers will, after examining all the documents, communicate to the Inspector of Legal Metrology of the District within five working days to fix the verification date. The Department of Legal Metrology allows a timeline to issue the Verification Certificate within 30 thirty days from the application filing.

Legal Metrology License Renewal: Online Intimation

Any Plant Owner using weights as well as measurement units in its business operations or production process must inform the respective Inspector of the Metrology of its District regarding the renewal of the verification certificate or the re-verification of the immovable weights and measurement units. 


Intimation Notice

The intimation must be done at least 30 days in advance of the date on which the verification falls due.

Intimation Enclosure

The intimation must also enclose the last Verification Certificate and the list of the weights and measures intended to be re-verified.

Official Portal

The applicant can avail of the Legal Metrology license renewal at its official portal.

Inspection Details  

Upon receiving the online application, the Inspector of Metrology will specify the inspection's date, time, and location.

Verification payment

He will also inform the applicant to deposit the Verification Fees within five working days.

Renewal Certificate

The issue of the Re-verification Certificate will commence before the expiry of the last Verification Certificate.


If you want to know more about the Legal Metrology registration licensing procedure, then connect with the Registrationwala. Our Legal Metrology experts will aid you in quelling your doubts regarding the Legal Metrology business. 



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