Dealer License: How to get a Dealer's License in India?

  • September 20, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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What is a Dealer as per Legal Metrology?

A Legal Metrology Dealer certificate license is the legal permit required for dealing in weights as well as measurement products. The Department of Legal Metrology issues a dealer's certificate or a Dealer license. If you want to operate as a dealer of weighment products and deal in the business of sales, supply, and distribution of the weights and measuring units for earning cash, commission, or remuneration, you must get the Dealer License.

What is an Authorized Dealer Certificate?

To become a Weightment and measurement products dealer, the applicant must obtain an Authorized Dealer certificate from the Department of Legal Metrology. Both manufacturers and importers of weights and measuring products who want to conduct business in trading and marketing measurement products can acquire the dealer certificate.

Applying for the Dealership License in India

There are various hurdles to pass before getting the Dealership License in India. So, we have detailed the hurdles as well as the solutions to jump over them to get the Legal Metrology Dealership License.

What makes one eligible for the Dealer license?

Before filing the application for authorized dealer certificate registration with the Department of Legal Metrology, you need to observe the following pre-conditions:

1. Licensing Fee & Approval Timeline

The licensing fee and the approval timeline for the authorized dealer certificate differ in different states. The procedure for application might also differ. Therefore, the applicant must personally visit the regional Metrology Department's official premises to ascertain the procedure, documentation, and licensing fee for the certificate registration.

2. Dealer License Validity

The validity of a Dealership license varies from one to five years. So, the dealership license holder must file for the renewal before the license expiry.

3. Multiple Dealer Licenses

If a registered dealer in a state wants to do the same business of weights and measurement products in more states, he must obtain dealership licenses for each state.


How to apply for the Dealer License?

The detailed procedure for filing the application for registration of a Dealership license in India is as follows:

Step 1: Download the Application Form

Firstly, download the application form for Dealer Certification registration from the LMPC web portal.

Step 2: Draft the Dealership Application

Secondly, draft the application accordingly and make the necessary changes.

Step 3: Prepare the required Documents

Also, prepare and furnish the required documents for application filing.

Step 4: Application Submission

Afterwards, submit the application along with the furnished documents.

Step 5: Pay the license processing Fee

Lastly, pay the dealership license processing fee.

Step 6: Check the application status periodically

Regularly check the application status after application submission.

Step 7: Attend the Summons & Follow-ups

If the authority issues a summons or declares any missing piece or discrepancy, then resolve it within the given time limit.

Step 8: Grant of Dealership License

Finally, upon successful application verification, get the requisite license.


Requisite Application Attachments

The applicant must submit the following documents with the application for dealer certificate registration:

  • CoI (Certificate of Incorporation) of the applicant company.
  • Business licenses as required by the proposed dealership license.
  • Duly filled application form
  • Demand Draft of the license processing fee
  • Product details to be displayed on the Principal Display Panel of the package.


Registrationwala to get the Dealer License from LMD

If you want to get your Dealer registration license for trading and to market the weights and measurement products and don't know where to begin, then you can begin with the Registrationwala. The Legal metrology experts at the Registrationwala provide our clients with the following services regarding dealership licenses:

  1. Furnish the required documents.
  2. Draft the dealership license application.
  3. Submit the application along with the documents on your behalf.
  4. Conduct department follow-ups post application submission.
  5. Deal with any discrepancy(s) arising during application verification.
  6. Visiting the authority's facilities to resolve the issue(s).
  7. Deliver you the dealership license.

Therefore, connect with the Registrationwala today, and we will begin your authorized dealer license application process today.


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