How to start different types of AYUSH Businesses in India?

  • December 16, 2020
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Ayurveda, an ancient art of medication has been given new life through modern medication. However, because of the love of the new, many old teachings have been forgotten. Or they were. Now, with the pandemic, people have started looking outward, into the unknown towards alternative medication.

Most of them have set their eyes of AYUSH or Ayurveda/ Herbal/Unani/Siddha business. Because of this sudden increase in demand for AYUSH, you have to way to start different types of AYUSH businesses in India.

And through this article, you’ll find out how.


AYUSH Certificate: The primary requirement of getting started

If you’ve arrived to this section of the article, then it’s safe to assume for us that you already know the definition and importance of AYUSH. AYUSH is a well known acronym for Ayurveda/ Herbal/Unani/Siddha. It covers vast variety of drugs, methods and medications that come under the ancient or “alternative” section of healthcare.  That’s why, it’s important to acquire AYUSH Certificate.

What is AYUSH certificate? At hindsight, AYUSH certificate means the permission to run an AYUSH business. Through it, you can:

  1. Setup a manufacturing plant for Ayurvedic products.
  2. Setup a Siddha clinic and become a Yoga practitioner – teaching other the ways of happy living.
  3. Starting an AYUSH franchise.


Basically, you can start any trade that’s concerned with providing healthcare through AYUSH. You can get the permission to start the aforementioned only after completing the AYUSH certification processOnce you do, you’ll obtain an AYUSH License in India to operate your trade.

But getting the said certificate is not that simple. You need a path; a plan to move forward. You then need to present that plan and set your finances around it. Only after you’ve done all those things, you’re allowed to pursue towards the certificate.


Choose the type of AYUSH business

An AYUSH business isn’t just about manufacturing, and all of them won’t entail the AYUSH registration fees ; mostly because no license is required. That’s why,  before you rush towards the license, choose the type of AYUSH business you want to start.

  1. AYUSH Business Type 1: Starting an Ayurvedic Medicine Shop and Retail Pharmacy: To start an Ayurvedic Retail business, you’re required to:
    1. Come up with a business plan that involves researching the products, choosing a location and ensuring that you’ve all the tax registration obligations covered.
    2. Make sure that you have ample of space from which you can store and sell the AYUSH products.
    3. Remember that no online AYUSH registration, or offline permission for that matter is required to start such a business.
  2. AYUSH business type 2: Starting an AYUSH wholesale and distribution business: Starting such a business endeavour involves:
    1. Choosing the right location for the manufacturing process. Getting all the necessary tax related registrations. And, acquiring FSSAI registration if necessary within your region.
    2. Having adequate space to act as a warehouse for AYUSH products.
    3. Remembering that like Retain, distribution or wholesale doesn’t require any AYUSH certificate.
  3. AYUSH Business type 3: Starting an AYUSH Medicines Marketing Company: Starting a marketing company with focus on AYUSH products require:
    1. Choosing the right company name, and then proceeding to researching the product list. Getting the tax registration requirements covered and if required, getting trademark registration from the start.
    2. Establishing a proper and spacious unit in which you can stockpile Ayurvedic medicines.
    3. knowing that other than the GST number, or any other drug related license, no specific license is required.

Note: So, the bottom line is that if your version of AYUSH business is selling it, distributing it, or marketing it, then no AYUSH certificate registration is necessary from your end.

  1. AYUSH business type 4: Starting an AYUSH medicines manufacturing company: AYUSH manufacturing business, unlike the previous three, is a more nuanced version of AYUSH business. It requires:
    1. A business plan that involves everything from setting up the business infrastructure to acquiring the authorization – the AYUSH certificate – for getting the license.
    2. Having at least 1200 square feet of area for manufacturing in addition to area needed for ventilation and other official and necessary activities that you need to run the plant.
    3.  Getting the three main authorization for getting started: GST Number, GMP certificate, and Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing License.
    4. Finally -  and most importantly – you need to possess proper qualification to conduct such a business.
  2. AYUSH business type 5: Selling Ayurvedic Products online: If you don’t want to miss out on the internet friendly market of AYUSH products, you need to:
    1. Setup a business plan and develop a simple E commerce website.
    2. Conduct a research on the products that people prefer all specific seasons.
    3. Setup the business unit
    4. Get the GST number
    5. Start promoting your business.
    6. Remember that like the first three business types, you don’t need any license from AYUSH Ministry.


Once you’ve made the choice, reach out to the AYUSH consultants

Your journey towards starting your own AYUSH business doesn’t stop at just knowing what to do. To turn your plans into action, you need help from AYUSH certificate consultants. Regardless of the type of AYUSH business, these business consultants get help you get the right footing. When you take their help for any reason whether it’s AYUSH counselling or AYUSH license registration, you grasp the gravity of this specific business.

Interested in Starting an Ayurvedic business? Start by gathering all the knowledge from our Knowledge base. Read more to know.

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