How to Renew Your FSSAI Food License?

  • October 12, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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In India, it is mandatory for every food operating a business to obtain a valid food license called the FSSAI license. Also, after the expiration of the old license, the business entity must undertake all the steps to get it renewed by the department.

Ensuring the safety of food available for the people’s consumption is very necessary as it is one of the basic amenities that are mandatorily required by everybody. Keeping in mind the importance of ensuring food safety the concept of Food License was introduced. Now every food operating a business in India including the manufacturers, transporters, distributors, and retailers are required to obtain a valid FSSAI license before commencing the business.  But is it enough to just obtain food license for once?  No, it is not just necessary to obtain a food license rather the holder is required to get it renewed after the stipulated time period.

At the time of registration, only the holder is provided the option of selecting its validity and the fees for the registration increases accordingly.  However, the license will be valid for somewhere in between 1 to 5 years. One important thing to be noted here is that the holder of the license is required to apply for the registration within the expiry of the 30 days of the old license.  In case the holder of the license fails to apply for the renewal a penalty of Rs.100 per day will be levied on him. Also, if the renewal application is not filed within the required time then the license of his business will expire and he will be required to apply for fresh registration.

The only way to prevent the levy of hefty penalties and the expiration is renewing the FSSAI license on time. People are often skeptic about this procedure. To move out the hassles out of your way here we have outlined the steps involved in the process of renewal of FSSAI license -

  1. The first step in the journey of obtaining FSSAI license is visiting the official website of FSSAI and further click on express renewal on the bottom right section of the website.
  2. After reaching the page the applicant will be required to enter his details like his license number and expiration date of the license. After entering the details correctly the applicant is required to press the submit button.
  3. As soon as his application is submitted he will log into the portal and will be required to fill a form as he did in his fresh application.
  4. Further, the applicant is required to fill either form A or form B (according to your business type). They are the basic forms comprising of the business activities of the Food Operator. Moreover, a self-attested declaration is to require to be attached stating that the holder is adequately complying with the guidelines of FSSAI. Along with documents any 1 of the below-given identity proof is also required to be followed-
    • Aadhar card
    • Driving license
    • Voter ID card
  5. After the successful submission of the application, the FSSAI authorities will examine your application and also an inspection of the premises will be conducted.
  6. If the officer is satisfied with the inspection of your business premises he will approve the application for renewal. 

The same amount of time is consumed in the renewal procedure as the procedure of fresh application. Thus, in total around 30-60 days are consumed in obtaining the FSSAI renewal

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