BEE Certification: Getting star rating for your appliance

  • April 12, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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As a seller of electrical appliances, one way that you can foster trust and market your product is through star rating.

BEE certification, on the surface, is a legal requirement for certain products. But when you go in-depth, it provides you a way to market your product. This and many other important points about getting a star rating for your product is what we are going to discuss here in this article.

The rise of consumer’s buying power and lack of energy efficient alternatives prompted India to invest in Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Through it, the government intends to create energy friendly environment where products available in the market consume less electricity and are more accessible to the people.

For that very reason, it’s important for you to understand the reason you need to take the BEE registration process. The importance and other points are going to discuss through this article. Our hope is that you read it thoroughly and once you realize the importance, reach out to experts who can help you obtain it.

BEE certificate registration gives you motivation for innovation

Gone are the days when you could’ve just sold cookie cutter products to your customers. They aren’t interested in only affordable anyone. People want something new, something special, something that they can look upon as an investment rather than an expense. BEE certification process let’s you give star rating to your electrical appliance based on its energy consumption. If you’re getting anything less than five stars, you’d need to rework the design of your product to make it more efficient. Yes, it will delay the launch of your product but it will make sure that once your product is launched, people notice it, and see it as an investment rather than an expense.

BEE certificate registration is also good for the environment

Why do I care? This might be the first thought that’s going through your head but take heed, caring for the environment will make the environment care for you. If you take sustainable development into account when making your products, you’re not seen as someone who is only here to consume. But rather, you’re seen as someone who knows how to care for the people. And when people think that you, as a brand, care for their needs, they reciprocate buy buying your products. And you can never have enough buyers, can you?

BEE registration happens at two levels

It’s not just the model that get the star rating when you decide to take on the process of BEE certification. Your brand gets the highlight as well. Before you can get the BEE model registration, the Bureau first has to consider your brand worthy of the same. Thus, you need to first register your brand with the Bureau. If you’re successful, it means that your brand works with energy conservation approach in mind. And when people see you that way, they are mesmerized into investing in your product.


By motivating you towards innovation and making you care for the environment, BEE certification both makes you and your product shine in front of your customers. It’s these important points that you need to consider before you think of getting a star rating for your product a wasteful endeavour.

If you’re ready to be seen as an investment, reach out to Registrationwala.

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