Exploring the Demand for a Demonstration License in showcasing Technology

  • January 24, 2023
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Of the long list of permits and certifications issued by the Department of Telecommunication or the DoT, this Telecom Authority also issues a Demonstration License. The said license is specifically issued to the Telecom or General Companies who wish to, for business or other purposes, demonstrate the working or operations of a Telecom Facility or Equipment to their clients or general masses or both.

Why is the Demonstration License necessary?

Now, the question arises why do we need a Demonstration License? Indian Telecommunications, operating over an entire sub-continent, has a vast and powerful telecommunications ecosystem. These resources are used by the Government Authority and private Telecom Entities. But for private Telecom Corporates to use the Nation’s communications facility, they must acquire a prior permit from the DoT. Such is the case with the Demonstration License as well. Here, the Telco must obtain the requisite demonstration License from the Authority to use the Telecom facility of the Nation to showcase its capability to potential clients and customers.

5G Demonstration carried by two US Tech Firms

Telefónica and Ericsson, both US Tech Firms, have conducted a 5G Standalone network Slicing Demonstration in 2022. Dedicated slices accomplished the Demo for using different use cases as well as radio resource partitioning technology. They proofed their concept at a testing facility in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Here, the lab 5TONIC was launched jointly by the following two firms:

  • Telefónica
  • IMDEA Networks

Involved Parties in the 5G Demonstration

The Involved Companies carry out the Network-Slicing-for-Enterprise Demo on Android 12 and 13 Beta-powered smartphone devices. Some of the collaborators frequented with such joint ventures were the following smartphone manufacturers:

  • Google
  • Samsung
  • TCL
  • Xiaomi

The list also includes some of the world-renowned chipset vendors, such as:

  • MediaTek
  • Qualcomm
  • Samsung

The Demonstration of this Telecom Technology proved that the network slice onboarding for an end-to-end core-to-radio connection can be configured as well as deployed in less than 35 minutes. All of this can be attributed to the solution’s Automation capabilities.

Use Cases for the requisite Demonstration

However, the Involved Parties executed the Use Cases that needed a complex service configuration, further making it a full automation key. The different use cases included:

  • Production of a 360-degree motion picture video in collaboration with YBVR, Tech Start-Up
  • AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) Remote Controller
  • Gesture Recognition System; Collaboration with SME Fivecomm

Network Slicing Technology: Telecom Future

Telefónica and Ericsson boasted the capabilities of their Network Slicing Technology in the Demonstration as in the following points:

  • Automation in providing the Life Cycle Management of Network Slices
  • Assurance in Network Slicing service provisions
  • Traffic Prioritization in a network slice, such as an RRP, i.e., Radio Resource Partitioning: the RRP here enables the radio resources sharing between use cases with different requirements
  • Simultaneous Handset Access to Network Slices: The user can select the traffic sent to the different Network Slices

How to pitch newer Technology using Demonstrations?

From the discussed scenario, you can learn that if you want to showcase the potential of a raving technology which you might think will be the future of Telecommunications in India or if you are compliant in effectively organizing the existing Telecom Infrastructure with some of your re-arrangement theories. As a registered Business, you can apply for the Demonstration from the Department of Telecommunications.

Apply for a Demonstration License now

Ericsson has achieved a key milestone by demonstrating the fully-automated deployment of end-to-end network slices in cooperation with Telefónica at its lab facility using the Demonstration. If you are interested in Demonstrating your Technology to a group of Venturists or Investors, then you can connect with the Telecom Experts at Registrationwala. We will aid you in the Demo License registration procedure with the Authority in no time. Your methods are both times- and cost-effective.

For any other information, connect with our experts or register your basic details at our official portal.

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