Understanding the Importance of Agricultural Products License in India

  • February 27, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Agriculture is the root of any country's economic development. Agriculture is the key source for the primary sector in India and it contributes a significant figure to the GDP in India. India is one of the exporters in the world. FSSAI is the organization to legalize, authorizes, and certifies agricultural food products in India.

India has gone through many revolutions to grow in the agricultural field. The Indian government has made special efforts to hike the production of Agricultural products and has made India one of the leading producers of food grain in the international market. Import Export Code is the number that should be each and every exporter in India with the Director General of Foreign trade.

The exporter should register with an appropriate export promotion agency by obtaining a registration certificate to get enjoy mutual benefits under the export-import policy.


Features of Agriculture License in India

  • All Exporter and Importer need to acquire IEC (Import Export Code) from Government.
  • Every exporter or importer needs to comply with the conditions of the License.
  • Inform authorities with regard to every change or modification in the activities
  • Financial assistance is extended to exporters

All the businesses which expect to do global trading of agricultural goods need to register with a local licensing authorize that gives them an Import Export Code (IEC) Code. Custom authorities won't allow freedom of products unless the merchant gets an Import Export Code (IEC) number from the territorial permitting expert. The Executive General of Foreign exchange is the specialist that gives them an Import Export Code (IEC) number.

The Indian government has built up a few bodies like APEDA, Spices Board, and so on for the improvement of agro enterprises and to control the timetable items for trades by settling of benchmarks and details for sending out. To get advantages and concessions under the fare import approach, exporters should enlist with a suitable fare advancement office by acquiring a registration cum-participation declaration certificate. There are different enlistments that an element is required to acquire over the span of business, and some of them are being talked about here. Notwithstanding, in view of the business exchanges a specific business may require different enlistments, you may please get in touch with us for consultancy on that.


Need of Agricultural Products License in India

Major agricultural goods needed to experience quality control and pre-shipment reviews before trade under the Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act, of 1963. Be that as it may, items that have an ISI Certification Mark or Agmark don't should be investigated by any organization. All merchandise ought to be named, bundled, stuffed, and set apart before sending out.

Imports to India are represented by the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act 1992. Under this Act, imports of all products are free aside from the things directed by the strategy or some other law in constraint. The things managed by this arrangement are named denied list which can't be foreign-made. For import of things that show up in the "Limited" show one has to secure an import License while the things that are counted in the canalized list are allowed to be transported in through canalizing Agencies. Every other item can be unreservedly foreign.

Import of agrarian items was a worry for the fabricates as there was no settled strategy for it. Presently we have import methodology for the greater part of the agrarian items, fisheries segment, agriculture, and domesticated animal items. There are diverse offices/offices for the advancement of businesses, settling of benchmarks and particulars identifying with the planned items for send out, enlistment of individuals, permitting, and so forth.

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