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  • July 06, 2016
  • Registrationwala
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A trademark search is something which is hard to ignore if you are going to file your trademark application. A trademark search is the short cut route which assures your trademark application to get registered without any hassle.

Online Trademark search is prudent behaviour which is necessary because you should aware about the fact that the name or logo which you are going to launch in the market is unique or resemble other names. If you don�t search your trademark or search inadequately then this can be a costlier affair for you and penalty for this mistake could be deterioration of your business goodwill which can shut your business down.

Trademark search reveals the very basic facts such as uniqueness of your trademark, its owner, trademark class under which it falls.� Sometimes, people just care about only words used in constructing the trademark but you have to take care of Basic English rules which prominently include phonetics. Phonetics is an international standard which is related to how the words are pronounced. It means if your trademark words string may contain a different combination of the words but their pronunciation is similar to other existing trademark then your trademark can be rejected by the trademark registry. How phonetics play a role, let�s understand this as follows:

Q and Queue, Just speak these two words. Have you found any difference in their pronunciation? The Answer would definitely �No�. So, this just an example to make you acquainted with the one more aspect of trademark search.

A trademark search is a very secretive process because you can not share this thing with anybody before getting registered except with your trademark agent or attorney.

Thanks to the technology which made easier this technical task. Registrationwala.com provides the free trademark search online functionality which gives you information from head to toe about trademark class and its status on a single click

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