Time and Cost Involved With Trademark Renewal

  • May 20, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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Trademark registration had paved the way to more and more brands to show off their products and services without fear of being infringed. However, that fearlessness only lasts for 10 years. After 10 years, the trademark registration becomes null and nothing short of trademark restoration will help you get back that protection. However, if you are vigilant about the time at which the trademark protection ends, you can save your trademark’s registration even before it expires. The process is called trademark renewal.

Trademark renewal is the way to renew the ownership of your trademark in India. The process requires time and cost and through this article, you will be made aware about both of them.

What is trademark renewal?

Renew means to resurrect. It means to extend the life span of a dying entity. Trademark renewal does the same. If you file the application of trademark renewal on time, you will breathe a new life into your trademark registration and give you another 10 years of protection. The trademark renewal time isn’t more than 6 months – extending the validity of registration right at the end of previous validity period.

What is the process of trademark renewal?

Trademark renewal process is quite simple. As the trademark is already registered, you don’t need a lot of documents along with the required trademark renewal form. And the form is filed online, making the trademark renewal process in India far easier than trademark registration.

All you need to do is file and submit Trademark Renewal Form-18 along the requisite fee of trademark renewal.

What is the cost of trademark renewal?

Trademark renewal, by all means, is an effortless task. However, as a non-legal individual, you can still make mistakes while filing it. Therefore, it’s best to let the experts handle the application filing and the whole renewal process. Don’t worry about the renew trademark cost. It’s now high enough to lighten your purse or low enough to burden our dignity. At Registrationwala, the price is kept just right.  

That being said, the trademark renewal fees in India is just INR 1,999/-. That covers both the governmental and the professional fees.

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You extend the lifespan of your trademark protection by trademark renewal. The process is easy to follow, isn’t costly and can be provided by any of our trademark agents. So why wait? Don’t be late and if your trademark is about to end, contact us today!

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