Facts that you must know about Trademark Renewal in India

  • March 22, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Trademark Renewal is the process to renew your trademark in India. It is a process by which you can get 10 years worth of trademark registration protection in India. In this article, we are going to take a look at all the facts that you must know about renewal of your brand name in India.

Why renewing  the trademark is a required?

Trademark registration is not an infinite right. It only exists for 10 years. Once that period is over, the registrar takes some time to remove your trademark from the registry. However, it does not do so outright. As most intend to continuing using their brand, trademark renewal is a clear option provided by the Intellectual Property department in India.

What is the process to renew the trademark?

The process of trademark registration renewal doesn’t require you to take a lot of steps. All you require is the trademark registration – a detail that you already have from when you registered your trademark. That being said, the process is as follows:

1.       Fill out the trademark renewal form

2.       Make sure that you take care of the trademark renewal period

3.       The registrar will assess your application

4.       If  your application meets all the parameters the registrar was looking for, you will obtain the registration certificate.

What is the time period within which you must get your trademark renewed?

if you must know, there is only a limited time window within which you must get your trademark renewed. It is during this time that your brand is still in the trademark registry beside your name. And it is during this time that your brand finds tooth and nail to preserve the branding rights.

That time period is of six months before and after the expiration of your trademark.

Why does the trademark authority give you a window to restore your brand once you have lost your branding rights – because the authorities are not inhumane. They understand that you your brand has got a certain position thanks to your efforts. They don’t want to do anything that jeopardizes that. Therefore, they find it necessary to give your brand another chance by providing it the renewal services that you seek.

What if you lose the chance of getting the trademark renewal on time?

On the off chance that you miss to fill out the renewal application on time, there is still a chance for you to salvage your trademark through trademark restoration. However, the process, unlike renewal is messy and involves a lot of issues.

  • Restoration takes a lot of time
  • It requires reassessment of your trademark by a third party
  • The trademark registrar won’t always rule in your favour.
  • Therefore, there is a chance that the trademark restoration process won’t be a success.


While trademark renewal can restore your brand, you have to keep an eye on the timeline. If you lose it, the chance to renew your trademark slips away from your hand. With restoration remaining the only option, you might face more issues than you think. Therefore, consult with Registrationwala for more details.

Here are the facts that you must know about trademark renewal in India. Read this article to know about the different aspects of trademark renewal.


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