What are the Terms and Conditions of OSP Operation?

  • October 22, 2018
  • Registrationwala
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What are the terms and conditions of an OSP operation? Well, there are many. If you are running an OSP and want to make sure that they run for a long time, heeding to these OSP terms and conditions is equally important. For more information in this regard, be sure to contact Registrationwala and we can provide you assistance regarding OSP registration and other matters.

The rise of technology increases the need assistance with the usage of that technology. In order to fulfil this need and many others, the Other Service Provider is a business sector that has been on the rise since the dawn of 20th Century. Especially in India, where business outsourcing is sort of a cornerstone for many national and international businesses, OSP has become especially important. That being said, every business has to follow along a particular decorum and the same goes for BPOS. Therefore, we are going to dive into the terms and conditions of OSP operation through the course of this blog.

OSP Operation Condition

The conditions and terms associated with how you should run the OSP are not that stringent. However, that does not mean that you can just not follow through with them. Therefore, heed to the conditions given below even if they are relatively simple to comprehend.

  1. The OSP can only get access to the telecom resources from Telecom Service Providers that are authorized by the government: This is one form of rule that is quite easy to live by, for most of the telecom service providers when it comes to India are ubiquitous enough to be authorized. However, just to certain make sure to check the telecom service providers before you are accessing your telecom resources from them.
  2. After the authorized resource will only provide the OSP the required telecom resources after the OSP has designed the diagram of the network proposal. After submitting a copy of that diagram to the telecom department, the OSP also has to submit the document to the VTM cells as well.
  3. Only Authorized Service providers can provide internet connectivity to the OSP: This is an extension of the first point. However, make sure that you heed to it and heed to it properly, for if the department even gets a hint that the internet that you are using in your organization does not have the bearings of an authorized nature, they can shut you down.
  4. The telecom bandwidth that an OSP gets can be shared with other activities within the same company of the same group of companies.

These are the major terms and conditions that you need to heed if you are running an OSP. Now, these might seem a lot menial and not stringent, but heeding to them is important is nonetheless.

If you want any further instructions with this matter, you can get in touch with our experts. For more information, Registrationwala blogs are here to aid you in this matter.

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