Migration from Offline OSP Registration to Online OSP registration

  • July 09, 2019
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Since the introduction of saralsanchar, the OSP registration process has been made completely online. Therefore, DOT has mandated that all the Offline OSP registration holders migrate their licenses to the online saralsanchar portal. This blog details the process of migration from offline to online OSP registration. If you have any queries, feel free to contact our experts.

Saralsanchar portal for OSP and Unified License (UL) was launched on 15th November 2018 by the Honourable Prime Minister. Ever since then, the entire process of OSP registration is done completely online through saralsanchar. While this is a great opportunity for the new registration holders (those who have registered after 15th November 2018), the older OSP registration holders completed their process through saralsanchar.gov.in, which was not a completely online process.

Therefore, all the OSP registrations have now been migrated to the saralsanchar portal from 27th March 2019. In light of this development, the Department of Telecommunication has made it mandatory for the offline OSP registration holders to migrate their registration to the new portal.


Migration Instructions for Offline to Online OSP registration

The following instructions for migrating from offline to online OSP registration are for the owners/stakeholders of the OSPs:

  1. A one-time registration has to be completed at the saralsanchar portal. For this, the stakeholders/owners have to register their account and create a login/password.
  2. Once the login ID has been created, the applicants will be able to see their entire registration details/data of all the old registrations at the new portal. They just have to follow the procedure as given at the portal.
  3. After logging into the saralsanchar portal, the applicants can locate their migration registrations under the “OSP Migration Application” tab.
  4. To migrate the old OSP registration, the applicants have to follow the instructions given below:
    1. Click on the Update button and fill in all the details in the prescribed form on the screen.
    2. Upload the specified digitally signed documents.
    3. Click on submit to submit the application to the Department of Telecommunication (DOT).
  5. Afterward, the DOT Nodal officers will process the OSP Migration Application. The applicants can monitor the progress of their application report under the Existing Migration Tab on the SaralSanchar Portal.
  6. If the applicant faces any difficulty, they can raise the help ticket after logging in.

If you are an Offline OSP registration holder, contact our experts to get your License Migrated as soon as possible. Comment or contact our experts for further details. 


Here is the official link of the notification.

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