ICEGATE Portal: What is it and how does it Help Importers/Exporters?

  • April 19, 2019
  • Registrationwala
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ICEGATE is short for Indian Customs Ecommerce Gateway. The ICEGATE portal is a centralized portal where the importers and exporters and pretty much all the clients of Indian customs can file their online returns, make payments, and create bills and other things. It is basically an ERP meant for the customs department. What does it provide? Know more through this online portal.

Imports and exports are big businesses and just like any other business they also need to ways to stay compliant. ICEGATE is the online portal meant for them as it provides importers and exporters, and other clients of the custom department with e-filing services. It is short for Indian Customs Electronic Commerce Gateway (ICEGATE). Its responsibility is to fulfil the electronic and data communication requirements of the department. As of this moment, there are about 24000 registered users of ICEGATE where it supports over 6 lacks of exporters and exporters. ICEGATE connects 15 different broad types of partners with Customs Electronic Data Exchange through exchanging messages. As a result, the custom clearance is not a lot faster.

And for an importer and an exporter, acquiring fast custom clearance services can only be considered a prize. These are the outline of that ICEGATE is. Through this article, we are going to tell you about its other features in an understandable way.

ICEGATE: Definition

ICEGATE is short for Indian Customs Ecommerce Gateway. It provides e-filing services to any client associated with the customs department. Especially for the holders of the Importer Exporter Code Licenseit considered especially useful. Mostly because it provides services like:

  1. Electronic filing of Bill of Entry
  2. Bills of Shipping
  3. Electronic Messages between trading and customs partners

ICEGATE basically interconnects the different aspects of import and export through electronic means. It is a network over the internet where messages are exchanges, bills are created and responses are optimized.

ICEGATE: Benefits

If you have gotten the Import and Export Code (IEC), then this means you are going to be dealing with a lot of shipping. There are several data associated with shipping like bills, payments, returns, inventory and details. These data needs a strong central portal for their proper management. Additionally, the data should also be easier to access. The ICEGATE portal provides these benefits to the importer and exporters:

  1. It helps the Importer and exporters to execute the processed in a timely and efficient manner.
  2. The shipping and air agents can use this facility to file reviews or complaints using the internet. The custom officials on the other hand, use this facility to interact with custom modules and logistics operations.
  3. It provides a streamlined and safe access for return filing as it makes it necessary to use their digital signatures to interact with it.

From e-filing facilities to online payment facilities, all of them are provided at the ICEGATE portalFor importers and exporters, it has provided a centralized line of operations where the chances of human error are quite low.

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