How to Start a Fish Export Business in India?

  • February 21, 2023
  • Registrationwala
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If you wish to become a licensed Fish or Seafood Exporter in India, you must apply for and gain the requisite MPEDA registration certification. MPEDA here stands for Marine Product Export Development Authority. MPEDA issues guidelines to regulate the fish export business in India. Therefore, as a budding Seafood business aspirant, you must gain the requisite certification from MPEDA.But how to start a Fish Export business in India?

Standard Procedures as Per Seafood Export Regulations

To embark on a seafood export business, the applicant must adhere to the standard procedure, as per the Seafood Export Regulations, to get a Seafood Export License with the MPEDA, such as:

1. IEC Code Application filing at DGFT

The applicant must file for the IEC code at the DGFT website. After gaining the IEC code, the Marine Exporter can apply for the Marine Export Development Authority License.

2. MPEDA Application Drafting and Filing

After gaining the IEC code, the marine applicant must file the MPEDA application for the Seafood Exporter of his choice, manufacturer or mercantile Exporter. Finally, he must carefully draft the e-application and attach the requisite documents for furthering his candidature.

3. Application Submission and MPEDA License Payment

Then, the applicant must upload the documents and submit the application on the MPEDA portal and pay the requisite MPEDA registration fee. 

4. MPEDA Application Scrutiny

Thereafter, the regional office in command will scrutinize the documents and the received application. During the application assessment, the Examiner will intimate any discrepancies to the exporter license applicant. In case of no discrepancy, the application will be forwarded.

5. Application Recommendation to the Headquarters

The Examiner will forward the application to the Headquarters if it is in order. After scrutinizing the application, the registration section will recommend the application for Secretary's approval.

6. Issue of the MPEDA Registration Certificate

After the Secretary's approval, the concerned regional office will print and issue the MPEDA certificate.

7. Additional Permits for the Seafood Exporters

As per the Seafood Export Regulations, the registration of the Manufacturer Exporter requires the following certification as well:

  • Processing Plant
  • Storage Premises
  • PPCs 

Such permits must be arranged first by the Manufacturer's Exporter. But you can apply for such registrations online. The MPEDA empowers the field offices to register the following MPEDA Exporters coming under their jurisdiction:

  • Manufacturer Exporter
  • Route Through Merchant Exporter
  • Ornamental Fish Exporter

8. Case of Merchant Exporter:

The registration for Merchant Exporter with the MPEDA requires special online approval from its Secretary. However, he can follow the same procedure for MPEDA registration as other entities. 


MPEDA Application Attachments

The MPEDA registration applicant can apply for the license only after registering for the Import-Export Code. Before proceeding with the application, the MPEDA applicant must prepare the documents to be attached to the registration application along with the prescribed fees, such as:

General Details

Applicant's Passport Size photograph

Proof of Residence:

  • PAN Card
  • Voters ID Card
  • Passport

Documentation for Merchant Exporters application:

  • Agreement Copy for Surplus Capacity Utilization of Processing Plant and Handling Facility
  • Original Joint Undertaking of the Processing Plant/Handling Facility owner
  • Original Registration Certificate of Processing Plant/ Handling Facility
  • Original Registration Certificate of Storage premises

The last two are valid for endorsement purposes.

Financial Receipts and Documents

  • Online Registration Payment Fee receipt
  • Scheduled Bank Certification
  • Bank Guarantee for Merchant Exporter 

DGFT Documents

  • Copy of Importer Exporter Code
  • Approval letter for Route- through Merchant Exporter
  • Purchase Order copy


For further details on Seafood Export Business in India, contact the MPEDA experts at Registrationwala.


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