What is Utility Patent?

  • February 25, 2017
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Utility patent is a kind of patent which is used to protect the functionality and use of an invention. It is widely issued type of patent. This patent is divided into categories based on the functionality of the invention. These three categories are Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical. In these patents, anyone who has invented invents a unique process, device, the machine, method, chemical compound or manufactured product can apply for and obtain a utility patent.

Utility patents are determined for qualification of a non-provisional utility patent. In this process, you should make sure that the invention is sufficiently different from existing items and all aspects of it in clear and definite terms have been clearly described. Sometimes, conducting a patent search can be helpful. These patents can be issued for any functional new inventions or improvements on the machine, process, product or to the composition of matter.

OLED technology which has been emerged from LED is a good example of improved technology which qualifies. There has been a process in which material has been changed from the synthetic light emitting diodes to organic material. The design patents protect the configuration, appearance, shape, size and other aesthetic aspects of an invention.

How to Get a Utility Patent?

First of all, Describe your invention and break it down into a series of essential and nonessential parts.

Secondly, Conduct a utility patent search to see if anyone has ever patented or published a similar design. It is critical before you file your patent.

Filing a Utility Patent

The inventor is granted by the government grants for the inventions so that inventors will tell the public how to use their inventions.

There are several requirements in which there are multiple sections. In each section, there are rules and formatting. Drawing or diagrams are required to explain how your invention works. People gets help to ensure that they should learn how to use the invention.

Staking Your Claims

Patents are filed to get issued claims. The Patent Office issues the inventor the right to stop others from making, using, or sell the invention. In Utility patents, there are series of numbered sentences that claim the invention. If anyone else person makes, uses, or sells the exact thing described in a patent claim, then that person is infringing the inventor's patent.


Elements of essential of the invention are recited. Novel and Non-obvious features should be examined by the examiner. If your invention is novel if all of these elements do not appear in anyone published reference.

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