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  • March 15, 2023
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Let us first understand Trademark

A Trademark is a unique and recognizable symbol. You can think of a Trademark as a design or expression that uniquely identifies the source of a product. A Trademark is also supposed to distinguish itself from other products. Therefore, obtaining a registration certification for the Trademark becomes necessary to help in protecting such marks, symbols, slogans or designs. Such a move with saving the Trademark from being exploited by competitors.


Filing for Trademark Registration in India

Once the applicant files an application for Trademark Registration with the RoC, the TM symbol can be attached to the registered mark. Once the logo gets registered with the Authority, the owner is permitted to affix the symbol ® along with the Trademark symbol. Such symbols provide great value to its Brand. Therefore, to have such symbols for your Brand, the Trademark applicant must apply for a Trademark Registration application in the appropriate TM form.

While applying for Trademark Registration and obtaining the registration certificate, the applicant must file several Trademark Forms as specified in Trademark Act 1999


Are there more forms of Trademark-related procedures?

Apart from Trademark Registration, there are multiple related trademark services in India, such as Trademark Renewal, Trademark Restoration, Trademark Assignment, Trademark Investigation, etc. To apply for such services with the IPR Authority, the applicant must file the application in the relevant trademark forms accordingly. The RoT, or the Register of Trademarks, accepts multiple trademark-related forms from the applicant to carry out the requested task mentioned in the applied procedure. Let us brief you on some of them in the following sections.


Types of Trademark Filing Forms

Every applicant must make a trademark application on the proper trademark application form to avoid objection by an Examiner. Based on the nature of trademark filing, the following forms can be filed as stated in the tabular form.

S. No.

Trademark Form

Purpose of Trademark Form

Description of the Trademark Form


Form TM-1


For Trademark Registration

The form is used for filing an application for trademark registration for goods/services. It excludes the collective or certification logos in the RoT.


Form TM-2


For Trademark Registration from a Conventional Country

The form is used for registering a trademark, excluding the collective or certification logos in the RoT from a conventional country.


Form TM-13

For Trademark Restoration


The form is used for the Restoration of the Trademark. Such trademarks are removed from the Register after the trademark renewal period expiry.


Form TM-14

For Dissolution of Trademarks Association

The form is used to dissolve the Association between multiple trademarks.


Form TM-15

For Request for Statement of Grounds of Decision

The form is used when the Registrar demands a written statement by the applicant after Court’s hearing.


Form TM-16

For Correctional Request

The form is used to request a correction of clerical error(s) or amendment(s).


Form TM-18

For Affidavit-filing

The form is used for affidavit submission. The form must be furnished to the Registrar to support the case statement filed under Section 40(2) Rule 68.


Form TM-19

For Trademark Renewal

TM-19 form is used for filing renewal applications of Trademarks with the Registrar.


Form TM-20

For Advertisement Directions

TM-20 form is used for directions to advertise Trademark Assignment in connection with the business's goodwill.


Form TM-22

Specifically for Textile Trademark Registration

TM-22 form is used exclusively for textile trademark registration of numerals/letters.


Form TM-23

For Registration for a Subsequent Proprietor

TM-23 form is used for making a joint request by the registered proprietor/transferee to register the transferee as its subsequent proprietor.


Form TM-24

For Registration for a Subsequent Proprietor on Devolution of the Title


TM-24 form is used for registering a subsequent trademark proprietor (s) upon the same title devolution.


Form TM-10

For Surcharge Payment for Trademark Renewal

TM-10 form is used to pay a surcharge towards the renewal of a trademark, both collective and certification.


Form TM-12

For Collective Trademark Renewal Registration

TM-12 form is used for the renewal of registration of the Trademark, both collective and certification.


How to download a Trademark Application form?

You can download trademark application sample forms from our service page as an attachment. Filing a proper trademark form in every case is crucial to prevent the examiner from objecting to it. Thus, an application shall be filed appropriately and with the specified fee amount.

For more on Trademark-related queries and services, contact the IPR Experts at Registrationwala. We can brief you on every aspect of the Trademark-related procedure in no time.

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