ISO 17025 Certification Requirements

  • October 03, 2018
  • Registrationwala
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If you providing laboratory services where you perform some sort of tests for someone, you can show off certification that proves that you are efficient that what you do. There are many certifications present of this kind, but the kind that people seek the most, is the ISO 17025 certification. Through this blog, we are going to tell you about the ISO 17025 certification requirements that are needed from your end to get yourself successfully certified.

The Requirements for ISO 17025 Certification

The ISO-17025 certification is pretty convenient entity when you want to get more trusted regarding the practice of your laboratories. The requirements associated with this certification can be described in two types. These are the following:

First: Management system requirements: requirements pertaining to the effectiveness and the quality management system of the laboratory. 

  1. Organizational management policy
  2. Quality system
  3. Document Control
  4. Requests, tenders and contracts reviews
  5. Subcontracting of tests and calibrations. 
  6. Purchasing supplies and services. 
  7. Services provided to the client
  8. Complaints
  9. Control of hte tests that are not conforming to the standard. 
  10. Improvements that can be made
  11. The corrective actions that are taken
  12. Preventive actions
  13. Control of records
  14. Internal audits
  15. Reviews of the management.

Second: Technical requirements: requirements that determine the readability and correctness associated with the tests that are performed in the laboratory. 

  1. General tests
  2. Personnel involved with the testing procedure
  3. Accommodations and environmental conditions in which the lab tests are done
  4. Validation of the tests and calibrations methods. 
  5. Equipments that are in usage
  6. How traceable are the measurements
  7. Sampling process used
  8. Handling the tests and items associated with calibrations
  9. Assurity of the tests results and the quality of calibrations
  10. Reporting the results.

These are the facets you associate with the requirements when going through the ISO 17025 certification processes. Now, they might be a bit confusing and we do not blame you for that. Therefore, our team of Registrationwala is going to assist you through the entire process associated with this certification.

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