Discover the Step-by-Step Process of Registering a Company in Dubai

  • February 23, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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What is the future of Company Registration in Dubai? Well, as the sun blazingly shines in the Gulf City, the prospects of new corporations in Dubai are bright. There is a complete hatch to set up a Business in Dubai. But the privilege of running a corporation in Dubai is not exclusively limited to UAE Nationals. Major Foreign Corporations have manifested themselves as registered entities running their operations with great ease in Dubai. This article will detail the requisite process of registering a Company in Dubai as a Foreign National or Organization.

Step-by-Step Process of Registering a Company in Dubai

Procedure for Business Setup in Dubai

Let us look at each step in great detail in the following section.

Select the appropriate corporate structure for the proposed Company in Dubai

To embark on the journey of company registration in Dubai, the applicant Business must decide on a competent corporate structure. Various Firms have registered themselves as Limited Liability Companies in the mainland region simply to enjoy the benefits of the Dubain and peripheral markets. Also, Business Setups in Dubai enjoy 100 percent company ownership, even for Foreign Nationals. The UAE government has oriented its policies to accommodate more than a thousand company activities to get complete ownership.

To start a Company in one of Dubai's free zone, the applicant must arrange the requisite approvals and licenses from the local jurisdiction. Free zones also offer complete venture ownership in Dubai.

Another benefit of setting up a Business in Dubai is that there is no requirement for a Local UAE Shareholder to register your Company in the mainland area. The government is dedicated to introducing multiple corporate-friendly reformations to further the Gulf City's business growth.

Choose and Reserve a Business Name for the proposed Company

Having the chosen structure in mind, the applicant must apply for a trading name of the proposed Company. Choose a unique name for your Company, listing all its activities and adhering to the naming conventions issued by the UAE government to avoid delays in the name registration procedure. The applicant must select a name that is not considered any of the following to faith, ethnicity, caste, creed, and gender:

·         Impolite to Ethnic Groups

·         Insulting People

·         Hurting Sentiments

·         Disrespecting Beliefs

Register for Company's Headquarters and Branch Offices in Dubai

Further, the company registration applicant in Dubai must decide on the Company's official location to ascertain your venture. The location selection depends on various factors, such as:

·         Tax Regulations

·         Offered Infrastructure in the region

·         Raw Material and Resource Availability

·         Diverse Market exposures

The applicant can avail space for your office with a tenancy contract.

Application filing for the Company Registration in Dubai

To have a company in the mainland area, the applicant must avail of the license from DED. For Free Zone Company registration, the local jurisdiction issues the requisite authorization. Furthermore, after getting a business permit, the applicant Business must arrange approvals from other Governing Bodies.

Open a Corporate Bank Account in Company's Name

After accomplishing the aforementioned tasks and obtaining the requisite company license, paper works, documents, and approvals, the next step, the newly incorporated Company, must open a bank account in its name. For this, select a bank that best suits all your business needs and demands and can able to serve you with attractive benefits and offers for reducing your business costs.


How to begin with the Dubai Company Registration?

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