Details you need to fill in the application for WPC Certificate

  • April 05, 2022
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Here are the details you need to fill in the application for WPC Certificate. There are many, and it's better to consult business license experts.

Getting WPC Certificate is an endeavor one needs to take if they want to import wireless equipment to India. With the WPC License, you have the power to import wireless equipment easily into the country – ensuring that the products' packages aren't stopped at the airport. However, many get apprehensive once they see the requirements to get an ETA certificate, one of them consists of the details you need to file in the application.

Don't worry. This article will go over every detail mentioned in the application of Equipment Type Approval or ETA.


The section that requires the details of the applicant

The application is divided into three sections. The first one is the section that requires the applicant's details:

  1. Name of the manufacturing agency applying for the WPC certificate for import.
  2. Address of the manufacturing agency
  3. Product identification


The section where the details of transmitters are needed

In this section, the details of the transmitter type product for which the WPC import license is needed are filled:

    1. 1. Range of frequency in which the product works
    2. The number of present switchable channels
    3. Number of voice, data, or TV channels
    4. Transmission and receiver channel separation
    5. The separation between adjacent channels
    6. Stability of the frequency
    7. Spurious about harmonic radiation details:  
        • In the case of carrier suppressed systems, carrier suppression details.
        • In the case of SSB systems, provide unwanted sideband suppression first.
        • 2nd harmonic radiation details.
        • 3rd harmonic radiation details. 
    8. What is the max frequency deviation
    9. What is the mode of emission
    10. What is the bandwidth emission
    11. What is the test tone deviation
    12. What is the baseband frequency in case the transmitter is a multi-channel equipment
    13. What is the type of modulation required by the product?
    14. Pre-emphasis details
    15. The power output of the product
    16. Any other information


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The section C, where details of the receivers have to be put

In this section in the application of WPC certification India, you need to input the details associated with the receivers present in the wireless products.

  1. The frequency range within which the receiver works
  2. the mode of reception implemented on the receiver
  3. The spurious response of the receiver
  4. The sensitivity of the receiver
  5. The frequency stability of the receiver
  6. Noise details:
    • The effective noise temperature of the receiver
    • The threshold input level of the receiver
  7. The intermediate frequency of the receiver
  8. De-emphasis details of the receiver
  9. The selectivity of the receiver when it comes to receiving and rejecting signals
  10. Other information that might be considered significant.



Remember that if your equipment falls under Equipment type approval exemption, you're not required to have WPC ETA approval. However, if you want to count your product on the WPC ETA List, you must understand the details you need to fill in the application for it.

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