A Comprehensive Guide to Start a BPO in India

  • April 19, 2018
  • Registrationwala
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For every aspiring entrepreneur who desires to start a BPO the procedure of its registration may sound tedious. In this blog, we have outlined certain easy steps which you can follow to start a BPO in India.

When it comes to Indian stereotypes, talk about the call centres comes at the top of it. But, regardless of how it might look like, there is a certain amount of untapped potential of profit in this industry. This fact is pretty evident by the fact that several start-ups are actually moving forward with their dreams of having their own Business Processing Outsource (BPO).  However, this entire prospect of BPO centre is not quite easy. It requires patience, lots of legal hurdles and lots of documents that can make the entire process quite daunting. 

However, with this blog, we aspire to ease your pain on How to start a BPO in India- Once you are done with this blog, you will have a more intimate understanding of the documents you require and the acts you have to perform.

Step 1: Setting up your BPO institution as a legal entity

  • Before you move on to setting up your business processing, you need to make sure that it stands as a proper legal entity. When it comes to India, you should stick with the most popular and the most feasible legal entity, Private Limited Company is the most relevant one. You can read about how to give your business this legal identity in one of our other blogs.

Step 2: Adhere to the purpose of the BPO

  • A BPO is meant to provide services; these services come under Other Service Providers or OSP. Therefore, you will need to provide an OSP registration to your legal entity.

Step 3:  Adhere to the following guidelines

  • Here is a succinct outlook on the guidelines that you need to follow while setting up a BPO
    • There is exclusivity for call centres in India
    • They are registered under OSP category s defined in section NTS 99
    • The validity period is 20 years
    • 100% FDI is permissible in all of the Call Centres in India
    • There should be no change in foreign or Indian promoters to the Call center until approved by the competent authority.
    • The resources that the call centres use should have legal standing.
    • The telecom services provided to the BPOs will be based on their approved network diagrams.
    •  There should be no interconnectivity of the international call centre to the domestic one.
    • The department of telecommunication is responsible for providing adequate approval for interconnecting two domestic centres.

There are several such guidelines that you need to adhere to before you go on to even think about filling the application to realize the BPO Fully.

You now need to submit the application in a letterhead that you will provide along with the following documents:

  1. A DD of 1000 Rupees in the name of “Pay and Accounts Officer (HQ), DoT”
  2. Location of the termination sites of IPLC
  3. The bandwidth of that IPLC
  4. Number of seats in the centre
  5. Schematic diagram of the call centre
  6. Name of the foreign/ domestic clients associated with the BPO.

If you want more information regarding the same, you can get in touch with our people of Registrationwala and we promise you that we will avail you the same.

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