The Importance of Timely Trademark Renewal: Safeguarding Your Brand

  • January 18, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Every Trademark must be renewed within ten years from the date of its registration with the RoT. The Trademark Proprietor must file for Renewal at least six months before its expiry. For such a purpose, the Trademark Proprietor must draft the form for the trademark renewal application and file it before the last date. By doing so, he will enjoy the continuous Protection of the Trademark by the RoT. There will be very remote chances of litigation post-renewal procedure.

The trademark renewal furthers the term of the Trademark for another ten years in the Register of Trademarks. The applicant can file for Renewal in the form TM-R with the prescribed fee of four thousand rupees. In case the Trademark is not renewed after the expiry, then trademark restoration comes into play. If you fail to renew the Trademark, you can restore it with the Registrar of Trademarks. Trademark Renewal is crucial because it furthers the legality of the Brand Logo, which is in remembrance of the consumers of that brand.


Why is Trademark Preservation important?

Preservation of the IPR rights of a Trademark Proprietor is important. A Proprietor can lose all the Protection with the registration if he fails to renew the trademark logo. Therefore, it is essential to remember that a registered trademark has a decided advantage. It is a legal presumption of ownership of that Trademark, which means that the burden of proof is on the other parties. They have to do all the manual work to disprove or try your ownership of the Trademark.


Benefits of timely Renewing your Trademark

There are various benefits of timely renewing your Trademark with the Authority. Some of it has been discussed in the following points, so read carefully.

Legal Protection from varied Lawsuits

The proprietor of a Renewed Trademark can establish his Trademark Rights in court if third parties have infringed it.

Identity of the Logo is preserved

Renewing your Trademark is an important step toward ensuring your identity to the customers to identify the relevant services/products with your brand. The Renewal will ensure that similar words or slogans are not registered for other goods or services unrelated to your brand.

No Hindrance in Business Growth

For your brand to succeed in the Market, a trademark logo becomes an intangible asset that is immensely valuable to your image in the Market. You can earn money in royalties through various licensing agreements by transferring ownership of the Trademark to the interested parties.

Ownership Rights get extended by Renewal

After the Logo Renewal of the brand, you can benefit from violations of any rights you’re your ownership of the Trademark. It ensures goodwill created by your brand in the Market. Also, your Brand IPRs get permanent Protection from malicious elements.

Litigation cases against Trademark drops

With this seamless Trademark Protection by timely applying for the Renewal, very few chances exist for litigation. All you have to do is abide by the rules and timely renew your Trademark. Besides the trademark Proprietor, the Renewal makes it impossible for third parties to claim rights over the renewed logo.

Brand Name is safeguarded in the Market for longer periods

By renewing your Trademark, you can get unhindered and continuous Protection of the brand name by the Authority. But if not renewed, the disappointment can lead to revocation of the Legal Protection from the Trademark Registers.

Earning Money from IPRs for longer periods

The proprietor can, in return for some monetary compensation, claim the exclusive rights and also assign the Trademark to someone else to gain the brand royalties from the Market. As a result, you can profit from a renewed and registered trademark.

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