Common Mistakes to Avoid During Registration of Newspapers for India

  • July 20, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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As per the report of Fortune India, the Indian M&E sector has grown by 11.5% and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% by 2025. So, it started from the year 1991 to 2006 the television and media industry changed the habits of the nation, and now the audience is hungry for information. Newspapers bring this revolution in the newspaper industry. 


So, today if you want to start a newspaper publication, you have to do the RNI registration with the Registrar of Newspapers for India under the PRB Act, of 1867. The process includes various steps and applicants do common mistakes while filling out the form. Below is a list of different mistakes and how you can avoid them is mentioned. 

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Below are the common mistakes that are done by many applicants while filing an application on the RNI website.

Not Choosing a Unique Title

All the titles verified by the RNI must be on the website for 180 days from the date of title verification. If the applicant fails to apply for registration within 6 months (180 days) from the date of Title Verification. Then the verified title will be deblocked and it will be available for other applicants.


Also, before applying for the title verification the applicant must check the exhaustive list of verified Titles available. This list is available on the main menu by the name “Verified TItles/ Title Search”. Before applying must ensure that the title is not the same or similar to the existing title.

Sending Photo Copy of Application

The original application is forwarded by District Magistrate or Specified Licensing Authority and should only submit for Title Verification on the RNI website. The photocopies of applications will not be entertained. Any tampering or usage of white fluid or cancellation/rewriting will not be accepted in the application for Title verification.

Mentioned Multiple Language

If more than one language is mentioned in the application, then it will be treated as an application for a bilingual/multilingual newspaper and treated accordingly.


Any application can include one language or more than one language. So, the bilingual or multilingual publication must contain the news in all the languages for which the Title is verified. To set up a publication in a different language, the application should be submitted separately.

Not Filling UTR Number

The majority of complaints that file on the Registrar of Newspapers for India’s website are related to payment. This happened because publishers don't enter UTR (Unique Transaction Reference) Number after paying the penalty amount on Bharatkosh. So the payment process remains incomplete. So, to complete the payment process, please log in on RNI (E-Gov) website and enter UTR No. to ensure zero penalties due.

Not Filing Annual Statements

This is for the applicants who are already done RNI registration for the publications and have their name in RNI records but applying for a fresh application. So the existing applications must ensure that the latest Annual Statement should be submitted. The registered publication is duly filed online in the office of RNI, before applying for a fresh Title.

Not Replying to Discrepancy Letter

For the title verification, a Discrepancy Letter (D/L) has been issued during the process of an application for Title verification. So, an applicant has to reply within 30 days from the date of issue of the letter. The application will be rejected if no reply is received within the stipulated time. In such cases, a fresh Title application authenticated by the District Magistrate concerned has to be submitted.

Beware of Fraudulent Calls

Many customers have sent complaints to RNI about the Agents/ Consultants/middlemen. Who call them on the behalf of RNI office and offer them help with the fees to do their work on the RNI website.


So, RNI has nothing to do with such messages. Also, the office of RNI does not have any Consultants/ Agents or designated branches anywhere in India. 


Services offered by RNI are free of cost. All the Title Verification are processed by RNI in compliance with the PRB (Press & Registration of Books) Act 1867 and Guidelines framed from time to time.


Note: Publishers and the Public are advised not to fall for such frauds or touts. Instead, check with the Office of RNI before responding to any such messages, emails or offers. 


The registration of the company name with the RNI does not mean that title is registered as Trade Mark/ Brand Name, Company Name, etc. All the necessary approval must be taken from the relevant authorities under different Acts such as Trade Mark Act, Companies Act, etc. So, to avoid any issues register with all the departments and follow the process of RNI properly and avoid the mistakes mentioned above.

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