Best Startup Business Ideas for Women In 2019

  • June 28, 2019
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Are you a woman who wants to make her own Start-up mark in this world? Start-up registration has brought in several entrepreneurs out of the woodwork to achieve their dreams. As you are half of the world’s population, it is you who can now be her own boss.

We finally come to an age where Independent women are not a rarity, but in order to keep the developments going, women need more startup business Ideas. It is 2019 and it is an age of social and business changes. Keeping both of them in mind, we are providing a list of startup business ideas for women that won’t only make the successful, but also, change the world.

Importance of Women led Start-ups

What is important nowadays has a whole new meaning compared to what was important yesteryear? Now, that is important is an equal business playing field where both men and women have equal opportunities. Start-ups are truly such places. They are business ventures where everyone can get the opportunity to be their own boss. As a result, more relatable and required products and services are available in the market. Also, women-led start-ups are more culturally inclined in this artistically creative age – giving way to provide a better today for the world of tomorrow.

This is why women led Star-ups are important. It is not just for the upliftment of women, it is for the upliftment of the world. So, without further to do, let us look into Startup ideas for women that can make

Startup Business Ideas for Women

Start-up ideas are generally born from passion about a particular vertical in life. What are you good at? What are your hobbies? What are you passionate about? Do you want to work from home or do you want to set up a business? These are the questions that can give you many ideas about what to pursue as a business. Answers to these questions have given way to several businesses ideas from Startup ideas for housewives to ideas for independent women. Among all the ideas, we are going to present the most lucrative among them and they are as follows:

  1. Blogging: As far as the ideas for home-based Startup for women goes, blogging is probably the best option there is. Content writing is growing up to be one of the most in-demand requirements there is. If any of you consider yourself a wordsmith and want to write more than “just a book”, become a blogger and engage with an audience that can continue to grow. As a blogger, you can start your own blogging channel. As for content, you can either use written content or provide your audience with video contents (Vlogs).
  2. Freelance Writing: Do you love to weave words in an interesting way? Can your writing attract an audience? If so, then freelance writing is for you. Freelance writing is growing up to the most lucrative opportunities in India. As companies are embracing digital marketing, they are looking for the best contents to post on their website, to market their products and other requirements. Freelance writing does not only give you a “work on your own time” opportunity, it allows you to write for several verticals and grow as a writer.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: Blogging is one of the most versatile Startup business ideas for women, just because of how far reaching it can get. Once you have established your blogging network, you can associate with big wigs such as Amazon, Crunchy roll, Netflix and other sites as an affiliate. Through affiliate marketing, if any visitor to your website uses these services through your website, you get money in the form of commission.
  4. Life Coach: Are you altruistic in nature? Are you someone who loves personal development and finds enjoyment in helping others? If you are any of them, then being a Life Coach is something you can get in to. Becoming a life coach is not merely a simple idea to make money – it is a way to influence the lives of others. While it is not only a women-exclusive-startup-idea, it is one that can impact the lives of many women in many ways.
  5. Selling items on eBay: Are you aware of the art of flipping? For small time entrepreneurs, selling items online is probably the most common idea. However, with eBay, you have the opportunity to resell items that you have bought on a profit. It is called “flipping”. While it requires an awesome amount of skill, the rewards are worth learning them.
  6. Online Tutoring: Electronic Learning or E-Learning has given the students a new way to educate themselves. Do you want to be the one to educate them? If so, you can start your own e-learning startup quite easily. Just choose your subject. Create a website, upload reading content or videos and start teaching.
  7. Photography: Photography is one of those passions that can just as easily turn into a profession if you have the right eye for it. There are many who want to capture the most authentic moments and as a photographer, you can be the provider of these captured moments. Photography is not just about taking pictures – it is also enhancing them through the usage of the software. In the age of Instagram marketing, photographs can become the product you want to advertise as a startup.
  8. Any other startup: When it comes to pursuing a business venture, you can choose whatever product or service you want to provide as a startup. If you want to make your name in the tech-based industry and grow from there, you can do that. There are no limitations to startup business ideas for women because business is not a gender exclusive. While there are some specialized businesses in which one gender can find more success than another, it is all based on the lose interpretation and random occurrences. Pursue whatever you want to pursue and try to live your dreams.

If you have to provide structure to any of your business ideas, you should apply for startup business registrationIt allows you to gain an upper hand in the market by benefitting from the advantages of several schemes that the government provides for start-ups.

If you have any questions and any queries about what would be the best startup for you, feel free to comment, and we will try to provide you answers instantly.

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