The Significance Role and Advantages of IRDA Broker License Consultant

  • June 15, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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While applying for an insurance broker license, you have to follow multiple steps such as filing the application form, collecting all documents, completing the financial and infrastructural requirements, following up with the authority, and many more. To make the process of obtaining a license easy and quick, an IRDA Insurance Broker License consultant is the solution.

An insurance broker license is required by companies to sell insurance policies to customers. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) issued the license and made different rules and regulations for applying. 

An insurance broker license consultant is a professional who has knowledge of the industry and can help you to obtain an IRDA license fast. As working in the industry, they knew every minor detail of registration.


The Advantages of IRDA Broker License Consultant

Hiring an IRDA broker license consultant has numerous benefits and some of them are as follows:

Expert In IRDA Regulations and Procedure

Before providing the service as an insurance broker consultant, the person has to pass the exam of IRDA and fulfills all the eligibility requirements. Also, they have industry knowledge as they worked with different types of clients and found potential solutions to their problems, while solving these issues they gained lots of industry insights.  

So, hiring an insurance broker license consultant will provide you with updated information with the latest guidelines from the IRDA license portal. Which helps in the registration process.


Saves Time and Cost

Assume you go for applying for the insurance broker license by yourself, and start reading all the guidelines, procedures, and eligibility criteria. Then you apply for the permit and get rejected because of some issue.

Applying for an IRDA certification is a long process and includes minor details. A professional consultant can save your time because they already know the process. Apart from this, you save money spent on filing the application form again. 


Minimize Errors and Rejections

An insurance broker license consultant will use their experience to minimize the errors and further, reduce the risk of application rejection by the authority. The consultant kept themselves updated with the latest guidelines, so they knew every small detail of registration for an IRDA certification, which remove errors and chances of rejection.


Fulfilling Ongoing Compliance Requirements

Every company has to follow the IRDA compliance rules and laws stated by the authority. Although these compliances are tough for a beginner to understand and follow properly. It includes setting up an insurance company and corporate governance norms, an e-commerce company, filing monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, and compliances required for FEMA and businesses outside India. So, understanding and following this compliance can be challenging but an insurance broker license consultant can help you to follow all these compliances. 


Access to Industry Connections

While working in the industry, consultants create their networks in different departments. These networks help them in the process, including the members of different entities. Hiring an insurance broker license consultant will use their network to help you get an insurance broker license fast. 


Role of an IRDA Insurance Broker Consultant

In the process of registration as an insurance broker, and obtaining an IRDA License. The consultant plays an important role in the following steps:

  • Help meet the financial requirements, such as paid-up capital, net worth, and deposit requirements. 
  • An insurance broker has three types of licenses, 
    • Direct broker license
    • Reinsurance broker license
    • Composite broker license
  • While applying for the license, a consultant can suggest the best license as per your goals, and current situation. As if you try to do it by yourself, it can be confusing.
  • Understand the corporate requirements such as a company must be registered under the Companies Act, 2013, must be an LLP, and so on. 
  • Documents that must be submitted along with the duly filled application form, a consultant can suggest to you and prepare it in advance to avoid rejection.
  • Submit the application and guide you in sending the license cost requirements.
  • By chance, if any issue is raised by the Authority, regarding the other requirements, then a consultant will show you the right path to resolve it. 
  • Follow up with the department and Renewal of the IRDA Certificate, an insurance broker license consultant can help you in the complete process.

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Before applying for the insurance broker license, must hire a consultant to ease down the process. We at Registrationwala, provide end-to-end assistance to clients for their Insurance Broker License needs. Along with this, we help them in:

  • File the application for registration
  • Collecting all the required documents
  • Conduct follow up with the department
  • Provide post-license services

We assist you throughout the process, reach out to us if you need a license broker license in India.


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