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  • September 04, 2018
  • Registrationwala
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Before moving forward with the registration of trademark there is requirement of conducting the comprehensive trademark search.  Thus, every person must conduct the complete logo or business or global trademark database search in India before moving ahead with trademark registration.

There are different trademark databases that can be accessed for checking the presence of the existing logo, trademark in India and the global trademarks. With this article we will take a look at all the three trademark database searches that are logo, trademark in India and global trademark. 

Business Trademark Search in India

On the online portal of the trademark the www.ipindia.nic.in  the database of the trademark is present where the details of the trademark registered, abandoned, applied, objected etc are there. In order to conduct the free public trademark search the applicant is required to simply visit the portal and follow the below mentioned steps-

  1. From the home page select the option of public search.
  2.  Further the screen appears with four options namely Patents, trademarks, Designs and electronic register of Patent Agents.
  3. Out of the four options select the option of trademark.
  4. On the screen appearing, enter the proposed trademark and if there are no similar marks with your mark no results will appear or otherwise the similar results will appear with complete information.

Logo Trademark Search in India

Logo is the unique device mark that is associated with the products or services of one person to distinguish it from others in the market.  The uniqueness of the proposed logo must be checked by conducting the comprehensive logo trademark search in India.  The process  of conducting this search is just similar to the procedure of business name search. Till step 3 everything is required to done in a similar way. The next steps are as follows-

  1. Select the option of Vienna Code instead of wordmark to check the existing logo.
  2. Further the applicant must enter the code of Vienna of their proposed logo and enter the class of goods and services.
  3. In case no similar logo already exists no results will be found and in case of any similarity the complete results will be found.

Global Trademark Search

If a person desires to sell his goods and services across the boundaries of the country the international application for trademark registration shall be made. Before making an international application there is a requirement of conducting the public trademark search on global database.  This is because the international trademark application is required to be made to the WIPO under the Madrid protocol. The complete database of the international trademarks is present on the WIPO website and its control panel includes the companies that signed up for the Madrid System. There are mainly three types of searches the Word search, Logo search and the Device mark search.

  • You can conduct the word search and looks for the phonetic similarities in the 1-35 classes.
  • Logo search is carried out using the Nice Classification database established based on the Nice Agreement.
  • Device mark search is completed using the International Classification of Figurative Elements of Mark database.

One important thing to be noted about the international trademark search and international trademark registration in India is that before applying for trademark on international basis make sure to get it registered in at least one country. 

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