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Note:- Trademark information is in beta phase. It is not to be used for legal purposes. If there are any discrepancies

Trademark Search in India

Search for more than 15 Lacs companies, 40 Lacs Trademarks in all classes registered in India.

In today’s competitive marketplace, protecting the identity of a business is very important as paves the way for perpetual growth. Not only a trademark awards a kind of distinctiveness to a business, it also helps the clients and buyers to determine the authenticity of a brand.

A trademark can be referred to almost anything in terms of design that helps the buyers to identify the product or brand in the market. Some of the examples are McDonald’s golden arches, the design of Coca-Cola bottle and several others.

When it comes to apply for trademark registration in India, trademark search is the first step. This trademark search in India is an integral step of TM registration and must be conducted in a professional way. The foremost objective behind trademark search in India is to determine possible grounds of conflict with running registered trademarks and existing trademark applications.

At Registrationwala, we carry tremendous expertise in helping our clients conduct trademark search in India. Basis the provided wordmark and trademark class, our trademark registration professionals perform an extensive trademark search to find out all probable areas of conflict and find ways to come over them.

You can count on us to find insightful information about trademarks registered under different classes or look for trademark applications by owner.

Protect Your Brand

Protect Your Brand Identity in India : Logos, Symbols and Other Icons

  • Protection provided for
  • Requirements for registration
  • Duration of Protection
  • Rights granted
  • Who can obtain?

Copyright INR 3,499 /-

  • Novel works of authorship, such as books, articles, songs, photographs, sculptures, choreography, sound recordings, motion pictures etc.
  • The work must be original, creative and should be capable of fixing in the tangible form.
  • Author’s life plus 70 more years.
  • Right to control the reproduction, making of derivative works, distribution and public performance and display of the copyrighted works.
  • Authors, artists, choreographers, architects, and other creative professionals.

Patent At Best Price

  • Inventions, such as processes, machines, manufactures, compositions of matter as well as improvements to these.
  • An invention must be new, useful and non-obvious
  • For 20 years.
  • Right to prevent others from making, selling using or importing the patented invention.
  • Inventors and designers.

Design INR 8,999 /-

  • Features of shape, configuration, pattern, ornament, composition of lines, color or combination thereof applied to any article.
  • The design must be original and should be applied to the article by any industrial process.
  • For 10 years.
  • Provides the creator, exclusive rights over use of the design.
  • Designers or the owners of the product.

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