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    Trademark Search

    In today's competitive marketplace, protecting the identity of a business is important. It is a way that helps in the perpetual growth of the business. A trademark awards a kind of distinctiveness to a business, and also helps the clients and buyers to determine the authenticity of a brand.

    A trademark can be referred to almost anything in terms of design that helps the buyers identify the product or brand in the market. Some of the examples of trademarks are McDonald's golden arches, the design of Coca-Cola bottles and many others.

    When it comes to applying for trademark registration in India, trademark search is the first step in that direction. This search in India is an integral step of TM registration and must be conducted professionally. The foremost objective behind this is to determine possible grounds of conflict with running registered trademarks and existing trademark applications.

    At the Registrationwala website, you can use the trademark search tool to fetch the registered trademark details. Check how you can use the tool. Found the required details about a trademark from a database that is available for trademark search on the website.

    How to Use Trademark Search Tool At Registrationwala?

    To find the details of a trademark in the tool, choose 'Trademark' from the dropdown. Search the name you decide for your brand, if some results related to the name appear then avoid using that name for your brand. After a result appears, click on it and the information will appear such as status, date of application, class(es), type, registration state, country, documents, and proprietor trademark.

    If no result appears, then take that name for your brand and follow the trademark registration process. For that, you can reach out to Registrationwala.

    Important point: if a name similar to your searched name appears, then can avoid taking it. For example: if you want the name "ABC" and the name "AB" or "AC" already exists, then avoid that name. However, you can use the name but similar names will not help in making a unique brand and sometimes can also create legal issues.

    Benefits of Using Trademark Search Page

    Using a trademark search page offers multiple benefits to individuals to protect the identity of brands in future. Below are some other benefits of trademark search:

    • Reduce Conflicts: The search results show the existing trademark related to your proposed name to prevent legal conflicts later. Avoid using existing trademarks for no infringement and a smooth registration process.
    • Save Time and Money: The trademark searches are available free of cost, saving the higher cost of consultation. The research saves time in avoiding conflicts regarding trademark opposition.
    • Increase Confidence in Brand: When you know that your brand name is unique then it increases the confidence of your brand in legal standings. However, it will attract investors, partners and customers with trust.
    • Increase Brand Recognition: A unique trademark that doesn't match with any existing brand creates recognition for the brand in the market. Also, the customer remembers the brand for a long time.
    • Protect Intellectual Property: The trademark search helps in preventing the rights and stopping others legally from using your brand logo, colours, slogans, tagline, etc.

    Final Takeaway

    At Registrationwala, we carry expertise in helping our clients conduct trademark searches in India. Based on the provided trademark and its specific class, our trademark registration professionals perform an extensive trademark search to find out all probable areas of conflict and find ways to overcome them. You can count on us to find the most insightful information about trademarks registered under different classes in India or look for trademark applications filed by their owners.

    FAQs About Trademark Search

    The trademark has multiple statuses such as new application, send to Vienna codification, formalities check pass, exam reported issued, reduced, opposed, abandoned, withdrawn, removed or registered.
    The accepted trademarks are service marks, shape marks, product marks, collective marks, pattern marks, and sound marks. However, there are different kinds of marks but the purpose of all the markers is the same, protecting the brand's unique product or services.
    Any individual, joint owner, proprietorship firm, partnership firm, limited liability partnership, Indian company, foreign company, trust or society can apply for a trademark.
    Generic terms, common words, descriptive phrases, deceptive marks, marks contrary to public morality or order, marks that could confuse, marks that violate religious sentiments, and geographical indication, are not allowed to be registered as a trademark.

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