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  • June 07, 2016
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Copyright is legal right that gives you exclusive right to your original work. This legal right is all about to reproduce the work for publishing and selling them to public.

Most important thing about Copyright is to put your idea into tangible form because expression can be protected by Copyright Law, but not your idea, concept, styles or techniques. Work can be protected under Copyright Act only when it has the requisite level of creativity.

There is a general agreement amongst the various countries on Copyright which outlines the very basic purpose of copyright is that any creative work of the author is the fruit of his effort and so is considered to be his property.

Before you proceed for copyright registration of your creative works, you must know what can be protected under Copyright Laws:

  1. Literary Work: Literary works include books, novels, lyrics, articles in newspaper and journals. This also includes computer programme.
  1. Artistic Work: Artistic work includes your paintings, drawings, and photograph, technical and diagrammatic representation.
  1. Dramatic Work: This includes the forms related to dances, film script, any piece of recitation, or any work which can be performed, but does not include cinematographic film.
  1. Musical Work: Musical work includes a graphical notation of music, but lyrics are not covered under Musical Work.
  1. Cinematograph Film: This category of work includes every movie. This you can understand by simple equation:

Visual images + sounds = Cinematograph film

  1. Sound recording: The Sound recording includes an audio recording of a piano recital, recording of a lecture.

It is worth to note that copyright registration is not mandatory. The moment you put your work into material form, it gets protected automatically under Copyright Laws.

The list mentioned above is the broader category, therefore, it is better to consult an expert before getting the registration of your work under Copyright Act, in India because each category includes so many works which is difficult to be listed by a common man.

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