When Disaster Strikes at OSP: The Terms and Conditions

  • October 30, 2018
  • Dushyant Sharma
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When disaster strikes at OSP: The Terms and Conditions is a topic that delves into the conditions that are needed to be dealt by an OSP at the time of disaster. These terms and conditions make sure that you are always at finest at all times. The DOT is the authority that always is needed to intimated about any changes that you make in the structure during them. Read more to understand what these terms are

Disaster can hit at any moment. Now, when you think of disasters, several techno-commercial sectors like the OSPs can get damaged a lot. Therefore, the department of telecommunication has put forward some terms and conditions to deal with these circumstances. Through this blog titled:  When Disaster Strikes at OSP: The Terms and Conditions, we are going to look into them and discern how important they are.

 Disaster management terms and conditions

  1. The Domestic OSPS are only allowed to connect to the dedicated servers that are provided at the “Hotsites” at the time of disasters. This further needs the proper intimation to the authority where the OSP has to provide the intimation details to the Authority. The same goes for international OSPS. That being said, the interconnection between the Hotsites of domestic and international OSPs is not permitted.
  2. Cross mapping of the seats is allowed for Domestic OSPs of the same company, provided that the authority is intimated at the right time.
  3. The same facility of cross mapping under the same condition is also permitted for the international domestic OSPs.

These are the terms and conditions that you need to take care for to deal with disaster in your OSPs. For more information in this regard, you can get in touch with our experts at Registrationwala.

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