What is the Cost of Patent Registration in India?

  • August 30, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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To be able to assert your ownership over your inventions, you need to acquire patent registration. The patent filing cost or cost of patent filing in India is affordable, but only if you contact the right patent agent. 

For making an online application for the patent registration in India there is a complete step by step procedure that is required be followed. The total cost in the process of patent registration comes out to be INR 45000- INR 60,000(Approximately). This cost is inclusive of the government fees and the Professional fees in the registration procedure. However, the exact cost of registration depends on the multiple factors like the entity filing the application, the number of claims, the number of pages, etc.  The total cost is not required to be at given at once rather at each stage some amount of money is involved.  With an article, we will take a look at the stage wise cost of patent registration in India.

  1. Patent disclosure- This is the first stage of the patent registration in India.  At this stage, the applicant is required to provide complete information about his invention to the patent attorney and sign the non-disclosure agreement.  The information shall contain the details of the inventions,   its description, diagrams and the results of the experiments if any.
  2. Patent search- Before filing the application of patent registration in India the comprehensive search shall be conducted to discover the existence of any similar patent, article thesis.  Based on the search the complete report shall be prepared on their invention.  In the procedure of patent, the professional may charge the amount around INR 5000 to INR 7000.
  3. Drafting the patent application- In order to draft the adequate patent application, there is a requirement of both technical and legal knowledge.  Thus, it is of utmost importance to hire the professional and implore him to draft the right kind of patent application in India. In the process of patent drafting, the professional may charge the cost of INR 20,000 to 30,000.
  4. Filing the patent application- Once you have prepared the adequate application for a patent you are ready to file the application for patent in India. The application containing the details of the invention shall be filed in the appropriate form along with the fees to the patent controller.  If the request for the early examination of an application is not made the application will be approved in the period of 18 months. In the process of the patent application multiple filing costs like Rs.1600 or 4000 0r 8000 is applicable depending upon the type of applicant.
  5. Request for the examination- Within the 48 months from the date of filing the application the request for the early application can be made to the Indian Patent Office.
  6. The fee for the request of examination is INR 4000, 10000 or the 20,000  depending upon the type of applicant.
  7. Replying to the examination report- The reply to patent report is generally given to the applicant if the invention similar to the application filed already exists before the date of filing the application.
  8. Respond to the objection- In most of the case, the objection is received on the patent application. In such a case the applicant is required to analyze the objection carefully and respond to the same within adequate time.
  9. In this case, the professional may charge the fee of INR 5000 to 6000.
  10. Grant of the patent- If the controller is satisfied with the application filed he will grant the approval for the same and the patent will be registered in India.
  11. Renewal of patent- The patent registration once granted is valid for the time period of 20 years and after that the renewal for the same shall be sought.

After being aware about the cost you must be clear about patent registration process in India.

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