Difference between Brand Name and Company Name

  • July 30, 2018
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People often get confused about between the brand name and company name. They fail to understand the distinction between the two and believe that company name and brand is one and the same.

However, in the law, there exists a clear definite distinction between the two. It is important for the business owner or any other person to know this distinction for getting them registered. We will take a deeper insight into a meaning and difference between the brand name and company name with this blog.

Trademark or Brand name:-

Brand name is the name that is given to the products and services of the company like "Registrationwala"(Brand Name). This name can be used by the company for advertising and sales purposes. There is a clear distinction between the business name and trading name. Unlike the company name, the brand name does not mandatorily have to end with the private limited company, LLC, Corp, or other legal endings.

Company Name:-

The name given to the organization registered under the Companies Act is known as the company name or trade name like "Monetic Corp Consultants Pvt Ltd"(Company Name). Simply stated it is an official name under which the sole individual or the group of individuals decides to carry on some business activity. The suffix in the name of the company depends upon the type of business structure under which it is currently operating. For instance, the complete name of the private limited company will be ABC Private Limited Company.

Key Differences Between Brand Name and Company Name

  1. Multiple brand names can be registered under one company name. For instance, the Hindustan Unilever Limited Possess the famous brand names like Lux, Wheel, Ponds, Vaseline and Surf Excel.
  2. The company is an artificial person on whose name the various statuary requirements are filed. Like the income tax returns are filed, annual filing is made and various other legal proceedings are carried out. Whereas the trademark is just the name given to the products and services that are used as an intangible asset for the company.
  3. The name of the company can be registered by filing the RUN form with the ministry of corporate affairs. Whereas for obtaining the trademark registration the application trademark application shall be filed for the trademark department.
  4. The applicant is required to conduct the company name search before applying for its registration. Also, the search should be conducted in the trademark database. Whereas there is no such requirement for trademark registration. Before applying for trademark registration the applicant must conduct the free public trademark search. Unlike company name, there is no requirement to search for company name database.

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