Benefits of ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Small Businesses

  • May 04, 2019
  • Dushyant Sharma
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ISO 9001 Certification is a testament of quality of a company. When a business becomes ISO certifies, it basically means that its quality is top notch. If you have just established your small scale business, you want whatever aid you can get to get that initial boost of growth. And better operations, good reputation and more customers definitely can supplement your desire. But how much can it benefit you.

How can ISO 9001-2015 be beneficial?

ISO 9001-2015 standard is the most common and the most complete of all ISO 900 standards. It encompasses the complete quality facet of the business. It can be quality associated with costing, operations, technologies, employees, and several others. All of the qualities benefit each and every facet of the company:

  1. Benefits to Operations: ISO 9001 leads to immense benefits to the operations of the company. Following the ISO 9001 standard, your company can be more organized, and more reliable.
  2. Benefits of code of conduct: A company is only as strong as the relationship between its employees. Therefore, ISO 9001 standard also entails standards of interpersonal nature. It motivates a good code of conduct during business hours.
  3. Benefits to error detection: Nothing is perfect. However, if you ignore the imperfections, your company can be destroyed. Therefore, error detection is an important part of company’s operations. ISO 9001 allows you to easily sort out the errors within your organization.
  4. Benefits to company costs: ISO 9001 implementation’s primary motive is to optimize everything about the company. Costs comes one of the focus of optimization. Through proper cost optimization, the company’s profit margins can grow.
  5. Benefits of marketing: Acquiring ISO certification is good for the marketing of a company. It can lead to more customers, and more customers are always good for small businesses.
  6. Benefits of customer trust: If a business has ISO 9001 Certification, the customers trust them more as it is a testament of quality of your business.

Now consider the above mentioned benefits for a small business. A small business which is barely out of its shell needs everything from better operations to more customer trust. ISO 9001 Certification can provide it all. In that way, small businesses can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Improve of operations: If the operations of small businesses improve, their value is increased as well.
  2. Becoming more reliable: Better operations directly lead to reliable nature of small businesses.
  3. Cost efficiency increases: If there is one thing that has to be maintained in small businesses, it is cost. ISO 9001 ensures that operations never go over-budget for a small business.
  4. Good marketing tool and customer trust: If a small business has access to ISO 9001 certification, it can market itself more effectively. Better marketing leads to more customer trust that eventually leads to more customers.
  5. It can give that initial boost to a small business: We talked about an initial boost of growth to small businesses, and all the factors that facilitate this boost. ISO 9001 Certification can facilitate these factors. Being ISO certified even initially will make sure your business grows.

With ISO 9001 implementation, growth is a guarantee for small businesses.

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