What is the TEC Certification Cost in India

  • May 07, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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For the sake of security of those who use imported telecom equipment, TEC certification is a mandatory move.

By providing proper testing under the MTCTE scheme, the Telecommunication Engineering center of India ensures that no product that crosses outside border to enter India:

  1. Causes any physical harm to the consumers. 

  2. Causes harm to the product that it’s connected to. 

  3. Causes privacy damage to any consumer of the product. 

Although not a new concept, TEC approval has just now started gaining traction because of India’s digital India initiative. One of the major questions in people’s mind regarding this unique license is: “What is the TEC certification cost in India?”. Through this article, we are going to briefly touch on that. 

What is TEC certification?

Any telecom equipment that either wireless or with wire connects with another equipment needs to be watched over because of the following reason:

  1. If the telecom equipment is faulty, it can damage the equipment to which it’s connected. 

  2. If the telecom equipment has a hidden function, it can compromise the privacy of the equipment it’s connected with. 

  3. If the wireless telecom equipment doesn’t have solid construction, it might not work. 

Thus, to ensure that the telecom equipment is not faulty, does not contain a hidden function and does work as it’s  intended, Telecommunication Engineering Centre issues it TEC approval before it’s allowed to enter in the country. 

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How to get TEC certificate number in India?

Upon getting the approval from the Telecommunication Engineering Center, you get issued a TEC certificate number. But let’s not skip ahead briefly discuss the TEC certification procedure:

  1. Compile the initial set of documents required for TEC approval. 

  2. Send the sample of the telecom product to a TEC accredited lab for testing. 

  3. Attach the test report of the product to the initial set of document. 

  4. Apply to register yourself at the official TEC web portal. 

  5. Get the approval from TEC and get your login credentials. 

  6. File the application for TEC certificate registration. 

  7. Monitor the application as it goes into processing. 

  8. If you receive a notification stating that your application is faulty, fix that mistake with the aid of TEC license consultant. 

  9. Download the TEC certificate once your application gets the final approval. 

We are discussing the steps in an article about the TEC certification fee or cost because you should know where your money is going to go once you pay the fee. 

Documents required for TEC certification

The only thing other than the incorrect details in the application that can fail you in TEC certification process, is the lack of correct documents. So, here are the documents you better get ready from the start to get the certificate on time. 

  1. Letter of authorization giving the TEC license Consultants legal power to conduct the TEC application filing and other necessary initial steps of getting the certificate. 

  2. Certificate of incorporation of your company

  3. Memorandum of Understanding between you and your TEC consultants. 

  4. Address proof of place where the telecom equipment is manufactured. 

  5. Certificate of trademark registration if you’ve registered the equipment’s brand. 

  6. Bills of materials used to make the product. 

  7. Description of the technical details of the product. 

  8. Other than the above initial documents, also get the test reports given by the TEC accredited lab.

Cost of getting TEC certification

As of right now, the information related to government fee associated with TEC certification is not rightly available online. However, we can give you an approximation of how much it would cost in total if you combine professional and government fee. For us, at this movement, the cost is INR 24,999/-

Is the cost high?

Definitely not. Our TEC consultant won’t just file the application for you:

  1. We will look for the TEC accredited labs that can provide you with acceptable test reports. 

  2. We will provide you to follow up assistance once the application is submitted. 

  3. We will monitor the progress on the processing of your application once we submit it online. 

  4. Once the approval is complete, we will deliver you the TEC certificate number on time. 

So, if you want all the above mentioned benefits at a measly TEC certificate price, contact our consultants.

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