List of Products for Which You Need TEC Approval Certificate

  • February 25, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Here is the list of common products you need a TEC approval certificate. And here is how the process is completed. 

TEC approval certificate, a certificate given by the Telecommunication Engineering Center to import certain telecom equipment in India, has increased demand. Even though the Made in India initiative is about the hit a full stride, people are still opting for imported products for their telecom equipment needs.

So, in this article, in addition to giving you the answer to what TEC certification is, we will also deliver you a list of products that require TEC certification in India

What is TEC certification?

Before importing any telecom equipment, that equipment has to be tested by the Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC). Through Mandatory Testing of Telecom Equipment (MTCTE), it’s surmised that whether:

  1. The product is safe for use by the people of India, 
  2. The product is capable of harming other equipment(s) that it’s connected to, and
  3. The product works within the radio frequency constraints set by the Telecommunication engineering center

Once the product is tested and is approved by the TEC, the importer gets the TEC certification. Let’s now take a brief look at the process. 

A Brief Glimpse into the TEC Certification Process

TEC registration or the TEC certification process required to get TEC approval from the Telecommunication Engineering center involves many steps. And they are as follows:

  1. First, you need to create a profile at the official TEC portal. It’s a difficult task and would require you to upload:
    • The memorandum of understanding between the foreign OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and the authorized Indian representative (AIR). 
    • A letter of authorization signed by the foreign OEM to authorize the AIR. 
  2. Once the profile creation is approved, you’ll get the login credentials. 
  3. Use those login credentials to log in and select the TEC registration form. Once selected, fill out the form and upload the mandatory documents. 
  4. Let the TEC test your equipment on their end. 
  5. Get the TEC registration certificate. 

There are many products where the above steps are applicable and many where TEC approval is not required. We are here to talk about the former kind. 

Products that need the approval of TEC to be imported into India

Following is a list of complex products that require TEC’s testing and approval before they can be imported and sold in the country. 

  1. PABX: PABX is short for Private Automatic Branch exchange. It’s a common telecom tool used in industries for telephony within the organization. TEC certification on PABX is mandatory because of this. 
  2. Two wired Telephone Equipment: TEC certification on Two-Wired Telephone Equipment is required because it’s the cornerstone of all industrial communication. 
  3. Group 3 Fax Machine: While Fax machines have lost much of their relevance with us going paperless, TEC certification on group 3 fax machines are still required to import them in India. 
  4. Data Modem: Data modem is an age-old way to establish internet connections via a telephone line. Because of its connectivity to your PC and its nature, TEC certification on the Data modem is mandatory.
  5. Cordless Phone: Even though we are moving towards cell phones and are doing away with cordless phones, certain households still use them. TEC certification on the cordless phone is implied if you cater to that niche crowd.
  6. Pon-Family of Broadband equipment: PON refers to Passive Optical Network. For obvious reasons, TEC certification on the PON family of broadband equipment is mandatory.
  7. Feedback devices: Many types of feedback devices don’t require any certification. But, devices such as Hall Sensors, Encoders, resolvers, and more require closed-loop telecom feedback, which makes it mandatory to acquire TEC certification for feedback devices.  
  8. ISDN customer Premises Equipment: ISDN customer premises equipment is a device that ISPs place in their subscriber’s homes to provide internet access. These devices can be intrusive and cause damage to the customers. That’s why TEC certification on ISDN customer premises equipment is mandatory. 
  9. Transmission terminal equipment: TEC has jurisdiction over all Transmission Terminal equipment from workstations to more. This is why TEC registration on Transmission terminal equipment is a given. 


The process of acquiring a TEC approval certificate for certain equipment is hard. But, now that you know the certification can implement the most common equipment, you can choose to get TEC certification through us. 

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